1965-1968: Coed & Family Murders - Percy, Bricca & Robison

Re: 1965-1968: Coed & Family Murders - Percy, Bricca & Robison

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Yes if Zodiac was alluding to prior murders than aside from the ones you mention there is the quite amazing circumstances surrounding the 6/25/68 murders of the Robison family in Blisswood, Michigan.

In that case we have messages to the newspaper from ZODIUS, a mysterious San Francisco man named ROEBERT who underlines the EBE in his name, and murders in EMMET County.

In the 12/20/68 murders of Faraday and Jensen, followed by murders of Darlene Ferrin, Celia Shepard and Paul Stine,
we have messages to the newspaper from ZODIAC, and the last line in a coded message that reads:


Which contains EBE, and ROEBE, and EMET.

Looking at these East Coast cases:

May 7, 1963 Beverly Samans, Boston
Jan 7, 1969 Jane Britton, Boston
Feb 7, 1969 Ada Bean, Boston
Nov 28, 1969 Betsy Aardsma, Penn State
Nov 28, 1981 Joan Webster, Boston

Samans is mentioned as a possible victim of the Boston Strangler, but unlike most of his victims she was stabbed to death, with the bow around her neck being a mere "decoration" according to police. And while most of the BS victims were middle aged or elderly, she was a grad student in her twenties.

Interestingly enough, CODED MESSAGES were found in her apartment. Were they from a student, or a stalker/killer?

The Bridgeport Telegram, May 14, 1963

Coed's Coded Letters Read in Cambridge Murder Probe

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 13 (UPI) - A police expert read through coded letters today while searching for clues in the mutilation slaying of a 26-year-old Boston University coed.

The coded letters were found in the apartment of Beverly F. Samans, whose brutally stabbed body was discovered sprawled across her studio couch-bed stabbed 15 times.

Police said they also found an "excellent" palm print on the front of a television set in the victim's apartment. Investigators said that it was just as easy to match up such a print as it was to compare fingerprints.
The palm print, consistent, in size with that of a man, was not that of any of Miss Samans's friends.
Miss Samans, of Beckley, W.Va., was a graduate student at Boston University. She had taught musical therapy at the Walter E. Fernald State School for Retarded children and at several state (mental) hospitals.
In addition to the letters that contained codes, others were found to include mysterious bars of music following the opening word "Dear."
Some of the 2,000 letters and notes found in her apartment came from patients to whom she was given musical therapy.
Meanwhile, memorial services took place today at the Fernald school in Waltham for Miss Samans.

At the crime scene of Jane Britton, her body had been prepared for passage to "paradise", and reference was made to strange writings found at the scene, which included "symbols". Were these posted on the hallway and on her door by the killer? By Jane? Can anyone read what they say?

As observed by KITE:

So Britton was killed by a HAMMER, prepared for PARADISE, and her ancient ROCK was taken.
In the Zodiac 408, we have a reference to PARADISE, "GETTING YOUR ROCKS OFF" and a vertical HAMMRER.



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