Tylenol 1982 Clue in "Technological Slavery"?

Tylenol 1982 Clue in "Technological Slavery"?

Postby tomc on Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:43 pm

In TJK's newest release, "Technological Slavery", there is an interesting item I found. In the "Letter to M. K., Dated October 4, 2003" (pg 373), Ted writes:
" After I entered Harvard University I took some courses in anthropology, which taught me more about the primitive peoples and gave me an appetite to acquire some of the knowledge that enabled them to live in the wild. For example, I wished to have their knowledge of edible plants. But I had no idea where to get such knowledge until a couple of years later, when I discovered to my surprise that there were books about edible wild plants. The first such book that I bought was Stalking the Wild Asparagus, by Euell Gibbons, and after that when I was home from college and graduate school during the summers, I went several times each week to the Cook County Forest Preserves near Chicago to look for edible plants. At first it seemed eerie and strange to go all alone into the forest, away from all roads and paths. But as I came to know the forest and many of the plants and animals that lived in it, the feeling of strangeness disappeared and I grew more and more comfortable in the woodland."

The Cook County Forest Preserves (plural, and note Ted used the plural), is a vast complex of parklands, about 68,000 acres. Du Page County also has a similar forest preserves complex.
What I did is look at the locations the Tylenol killer used, and compared them to these forest preserves. (A. K. Wilks did a good job showing word association in the killing sites, but only using names of streets, malls, etc.) I looked at the sites in relationship to the forest preserves of Cook and Du Page Counties. This is what I found:

N. Winfield Rd, Winfield--the east-side border of the Windfield Mounds County Forest Preserve.

Butterfield Rd, Wheaton--the northern border of (west to east) the Warrenville Grove Forest Preserve, Danada County Forest Preserve, and the Hidden Lake Forest Preserve.

Woodfield Mall, Schaumberg--the WEST side of the Ned Brown Preserve/Cook County-Busse Woods Forest Preserve.

N. Vail St., Arlington Hts.--the NORTH side of the same forest preserve complex.

Grove Mall, Elk Grove Village--the EAST side of the SAME forest preserve complex.

1601 N. Wells, Chicago--a block or 2 west of Lincoln Park.

Ted's parent's house, in 1982 on N. Ridge in Lombard, had 3 forest preserves in the immediate vicinity:

Churchill Woods County Forest Preserve to the south-west, Du Page County Forest Preserve to the north-west, and Fullerton County Forest Preserve to the north.

I don't remember when Ted's parents moved from Evergreen Park to Lombard. Gibbon's book was published in 1962, and Ted's mentioning that he would go to these forest reserves several times a week when home from college and graduate school would place the time frame about 1962-1967 or so. If his parents were still in Evergreen Park, Ted would have to have traveled a ways to get to any of the larger forest preserves. Dan Ryan Woods Forest Preserve was immediately north-east of Evergreen Park, but he would have had to travel about 8 miles west to reach the large, Hickory Hills/Palos Forest Preserves complex. Also, about the same distance south-east was the smaller Eggels Woods/Wolf Lake Forest Preserve. (Wolf Lake, by the way, was where Bobby Franks' body was dumped in 1924 by Leopold and Loeb).
If Ted spent several days a week, for, say, 10 weeks each summer, for 4-5 years, his knowledge of the Cook/Du Page Counties Forest Preserves should have been very good.
When setting up crimes, criminals will many times pick locations they're comfortable or familiar with. As Ted said, ". . .I grew more and more comfortable in the woodland."
Is this the case with the Tylenol Killer in 1982?
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Re: Tylenol 1982 Clue in "Technological Slavery"?

Postby akwilks on Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:29 pm

Very interesting analysis.
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