JonBenet Ramsey Case And The Kidnapping Of Elizabeth Smart

Re: JonBenet Ramsey Case And The Kidnapping Of Elizabeth Smart

Postby KITE on Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:26 pm

So, just to continue from the previous post: The intruder, in my opinion, knew exactly what he would write that night, having already memorized what he would write, and the ransom note, in my estimation, was a work that had required rough drafts, editing, and similarly such. In my estimation, the creating of the ransom note involved the placing of words at particular points to the end of allowing or otherwise ensuring that the intruder's penning of the ransom note that night was a successful navigation to 66 LINES. So, the first paragraph of the ransom note is a fairly obvious first TEN LINES, unless I am somehow mistaken on that? Looking at the NEXT TEN LINES, a sentence from LINES 8 thru 10 is:

LINE 8:...........I will
LINE 9: call you between 8 and 10 am
LINE 10: tomorrow to instruct you on delivery

As can be seen and if I'm not mistaken, the sentence mentions (BETWEEN 8 and 10), matching it's LINES 8 thru 10 penning! (after the first TEN LINES, of course.) So, I think it's intentional and as I mentioned, to the end of allowing the intruder to make his way to a 66 LINES result---in my estimation. The next sentence is:

LINE1: The delivery will be exhausting so
LINE 2: I advise you to be RESTED. ---------

So, I started a new series of counting LINES, after two of TEN, and emphasized the word RESTED. WHY? Because I believe here that the intruder intentionally used a word association between RESTED and SEVEN (seventh day) and, in my estimation, this was meant to match up with the SEVEN LINES used in this new section of LINES that led to the indented words (and new series of LINES): ANY DEVIATION.

In this new section, LINE TEN mentions the FBI, which I believe was another word association for the sake of navigation to a 66 LINES result. (And perhaps the use of the number TWO on LINE FIVE was also used in this way?) The next section, I believe, involved TWELVE LINES (the twelve LINES after the use of FBI), the twelfth LINE using COUNTER MEASURES, seemingly separated, and I believe, a word association to COUNTER-CLOCKWISE and the number TWELVE. Along the way of this TWELVE LINE section, the intruder may have also used words to match LINES?:

LINE 3: dog
LINE 4: bank
LINE 5: money
LINE 6 marked
LINE 7 scanned

These all involve the number of letters in the word matching the number of the LINE. So, after the TWELVE LINE section, the next FIVE LINES (roughly or otherwise essentially) are, in my opinion, alluding to the Parable Of The Lost Sheep. That leaves a final section of TEN LINES (roughly or otherwise essentially) to close out the text. And then the TWO last LINES: (VICTORY! and S.B.T.C.)
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Re: JonBenet Ramsey Case And The Kidnapping Of Elizabeth Smart

Postby KITE on Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:27 am

So, just to continue with the idea that the intruder had fully memorized the ransom note before trespassing that night and then proceeded to pen it in 66 LINES to match the 66 chapters in The Book Of Isaiah (if I'm not mistaken on that). So, in my estimation, the intruder probably did not bring along any kind of ransom note draft that night and, in my opinion, relied entirely on his memory and the household pen/marker? and paper to complete the writing of the ransom note. And, to this end, I also believe that the intruder crafted the ransom note in such a way that it was easier to memorize and also allowed an easier navigation to the intended 66 LINES.

As a way of explaining what I'm trying to say, I'll look over the ransom note as if I've been tasked to write out the ransom note from memory and that it must result in 66 LINES with the same paragraph breaks? or else indentations?, though it wouldn't have to be the exact words per LINE. In other words, I believe that the intruder tasked himself to accomplish essentially the same that night?

So, obviously I would have to memorize the text but to make it easier I would look for associations (of course, the difference here is that the intruder would have created the associations to make memorizing easier, in my opinion), especially considering it would have to be a 66 LINES result. In other words, those associations would aid in not only memorizing the text but also in navigating to a 66 LINE result. The first paragraph is easily noticed as TEN LINES and that should be easy enough to remember--to start with, but for good measure I could associate its opening words: LIS(TEN) CAREFULLY! equals (TEN). And also, possibly:

COUNTRY on LINE 5: associated with 5 words: The United States Of America
AT THIS TIME: is at the half-way point: LINE 5 into Line 6: TIME at the half-way point associate to half-hour: half hour on a clock as the number 6: associated to Line 6
INSTRUCTED: the longest word on LINE 9: The letter I is the 9th letter: The sentence runs into Line 10: The letter after the letter I is the letter J, the 10th letter: The two words on LINE 10 are: The Letter. (I also believe that the intruder was cryptically referring to the LAST DAYS when he referred to 1997, so he could associate LAST sentence and LAST DAYS).

Q. KITE, perhaps you are memorizing too many details or otherwise associaitons?

A. Perhaps, but those things I listed, in my estimation, will help jar memory if necessary; both the text and keeping track of the LINES. And I don't believe that the intruder used all of the things I will list, but some of them. He could have also used associations that were particular to him that wouldn't necessarily be noticeable.

So, after those TEN LINES of paragraph, I would memorize the next 10 LINES, and it's where talk of money begins. There seems to be a fluid chronology that would be easy enough to memorize, in my estimation. going from the amount of money requested to the how the money is to be divided between hundreds and twenties, followed by a reminder concerning the size of the attache brought to the bank. The next sentence talks about the money being put in a BROWN paper bag. (This, I believe, was made easier to remember since I believe that the intruder has associated the COLOR BROWN with the colors RED AND WHITE from ISAIAH 1:18, which I believe he cryptically referred to with the $118,000 demand.) The next sentence would be easier to remember since it mentions (between 8 and 10) and it passes thru LINES 8 and 10.

So, the next sentence mentions the word RESTED and according to I have sectioned off the ransom note so far, it would begin a SEVEN LINE section that ends at an indentation is it? So, I could associate RESTED with the number SEVEN (seventh day) and in that way recall that the RESTED sentence involves a SEVEN LINES section. In fact, and if I'm not mistaken, there's only one additional sentence after the RESTED sentence, and it's a somewhat convoluted sentence, in my estimation. And perhaps this semi-convoluted sentence of sorts caused the intruder to make several mistakes? Apparently or perhaps the word DELIVERY is crossed out and also the intruder uses ("A EARLIER"), which he had just previously penned correctly; (unless he went by the vowel/consonant use of the word before? (A)rrange an earlier: (H)ence a earlier?). But those apparent mistakes might show that he was relying on memory?

So, the next words after the section of SEVEN are: (A)NY (D)EVIATION, (recalling the acronym if necessary), which I would section off as TEN LINES, wit FBI on the TENTH LINE and using that as an association to the number TEN. The sentence beginning (The TWO gentleman), I could commit to memory as at the halfway point of the TEN LINES; The FIFTH LINE into the SIXTH.

The next section I would remember as 12 LINES with the words COUNTER MEASURES and TACTICS on LINE 12. Here I would use the associations:

(COUNTER) to COUNTER CLOCKWISE and the number 12 on a clock
I would remember also: A CLOCK (MEASURES) TIME, whether or not that's an accurate statement.
And also, the word TACTICS: TAC(TICS)=(TICKS), a clock TICKS, whether or not that's accurate.

Along the way of that section of TWELVE, I could also remember certain words to match their LINES:


The next FIVE LINES or so, in my estimation, involve an allusion to The Parable Of The Lost Sheep.

The next TEN lines or so, would close out the text. As I see it, there's a similarity to some of the words used: UNDER, UNDER-estimate, UP, southern: directional words of sorts perhaps and, in my estimation, a spiritual slant is involved. There is also, in my estimation, a spiritually slanted association between the sentences that use the words: GROW and FAT CAT.

And then the TWO LINES signature of sorts: VICTORY! and S.B.T.C
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