A Fresh Look At The Solution Unsolved 18 From Zodiac Code

Re: A Fresh Look At The Unsolved 18

Postby KITE on Thu Jan 20, 2011 8:06 pm

Interesting sequence with the plus and minuses. I don't believe I noticed that, but I remember adding up the plus and minuses separately to 36 and 63. The thing is, there's a lot of totality to taking on the task of trying to tackle or otherwise pinpoint the reason for the number string being what it is. And, of course, the connection of the unknown 18 to the name TJK may just be entirely coincidental. And I call it perhaps a coincidence because it's really difficult to get names thru the (0,3,6,9) Caesar shift maze. But, having said that, if I were to entertain the idea that there may be a cryptic connection with the 18 and TJK, that perhaps the real Zodiac used the name, my approach would be to assume that starting and ending with a zero was intentional. And, also, the double letters(E,O,K) equaling the same letter, intentional. These two things, alone, affect the number string. Not to mention things like, for example, the D in THEODORE, if I'm not mistaken, can't Caesar shift to a (+6)(D=J) because the letter J is not used in the text. And then also with that, you'd have to decide if you believed Zodiac wrote out the text with the unknown 18 in mind or not. In other words, was it all one stage of work or did he leave an unknown 18 that was also unknown to him at that time. And, in that way, the unknown 18 was a second stage of work. And, if that's true, he might well have been surprised to learn that a plus 6(+6) was not an option for the D. It's easy enough to work around and still have a fancy number string, but since D(+6 and -6)=J and X, that might explain the only 9 in THEODORE, whereas arguably it can be reasoned that Z wanted 3 and 6 for the first name and 6 and 9 for the last name. The letter X is used once in the text, but maybe he wouldn't want to use it for only a second time. It's even conceivable he forgot it was in the text as an option for a symbol. Maybe he wanted the D=M because he wanted to allude to the word TIME(TEHIM), because of the 0,3,6,9 clockface? For example, did he want his picks(3,6,9) to also, while he was at it(patterning a number string), allude to or otherwise offer (anagrammed) words?
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Re: A Fresh Look At The Unsolved 18

Postby akwilks on Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:06 pm

This is mostly a review and summary of previously posted material but some new people may be looking here and this may help them.

In fact, I think I can now outline in the simplest way possible how Theodore J Kaczynski used his name to come up with the puzzling 18 letter "E B E" string that finishes off the first decoded message from the Zodiac. And show that he did it in a consistent, logical and mathematical way.

He starts by writing out the 18 letters of his name and creating a Caesar Code matrix with 0-3-6-9 shift values. He uses numbers for their absolute value, i.e., distance from zero, thus positive and negative number shifts are represented on the same axis. He uses the number sequence:

0 33 696 33 669966 99 6 0

to create the letter string. Using this number sequence, the letters for "THEODORE" add up to 33, while those for "JKACZYNSKI" add up to 66. He will later take the time to write 0 3 6 9 6 on the car door at Lake Berryessa, a hint on how to solve the still unsolved part of the code.

So he applies these numbers as shift values to encode his name -

0 33 696 33 669966 99 6 0 - the selected letters are highlighted in RED below:



And just looking at the selected code string highlighted, with all other letters removed:





The name has thus created the following 18 letter string seen beneath it:





The use of color shows how similar much of the reverse string from the TJK name is to the actual string at the end of the first Zodiac code. It is the exact same 18 letters, some are shuffled, some are in the same sequence, like "E B E" and others:





And this shows how the 18 letter reverse string derived rom the Theodore J Kaczynski name actually encodes the name in the 18 letter string starting with "E B E" that is at the end of the first Zodiac Code. What we see here is:

1. The Theodore J Kaczynski name backwards.
2. The 18 letter string derived from the name backwards.
3. The actual 18 letter string seen at the end of the first Zodiac Code.
4. How that 18 letter string at the end of the Zodiac Code actually encodes the Theodore J Kaczynski name.





One criticism of the work here on the Unsolved 18 from the first Zodiac Code is that we use both positive and negative shift values. Critics say if both positive and negative shift values are going to be used, code principles demand that there be some sort of pattern.

In a thread on the work of Kite and myself on the Unsolved 18 from the first Zodiac Code, this is from a poster on the websleuths forum named RICHARD:

Your solution makes a lot of sense mathematically. But there are two places where you allow for randomness.

The first is where you state that Zodiac uses the "absolute value" of a 3, 6 or 9 shift in encrypting the name Theodore J. Kaczynski. [In fact I did one chart showing shift numbers for their "absolute value", i.e., distance from zero, so that + and - shifts were on the same axis.- AK] If this were the case, all shifts would be "up" or positive. In fact, some shifts are positive and some are negative. And those shifts occur in an interesting pattern:

T h e o d o r e J K a c z y n s k i
0 - + - + - - + + - - - - + - +- 0
0 3 3 69 6 3 3 6 69 9 6 6 9 9 6 0

Sorry if the letters, numbers, and shift directions don't line up exactly.

Note that direction (+ or -) of the first seven shifts are mirror immage to the shifts used for the last seven letters. In the middle of the name there are two positives and two negatives.

I refer to a positive (+) shift to mean that he would go forward in the alphabet to arrive at the encryption letter, and a negative (-) shift would mean that he went backward in the alphabet from the letter to arrive at it's encryption.

He clearly used a pattern in determining which direction to shift in his encryption.

The second place where you allow for randomness is in the jumble of the encrypted name to arrive at the order of the final 18 symbols.

With all the precision and patterns seen throughout this theory, I have to think that there is a pattern or an equation used to "jumble" those final 18 symbols.

From AK:

Richard - Amazing observation! I don't know how I missed it. Perhaps Kite or someone else noticed this before, but if they did, I glazed over it. Keep in mind when you are trying to decipher the Zodiac codes you are most likely dealing with someone who probably was both mad and a genius, and loved to taunt, tease and confuse. If I am right, and Kaczynski was the Zodiac, you are dealing with a top mathematical thinker and professor who had a 165 IQ - about the same as Einstein! Regular "genius" level is 140. So there are often codes within codes, hidden meanings, multi stage levels of encryption and peristent deep mathematical patterns, though often hard to detect.

You seem to have correctly identified a pattern in the use of positive and negative shift values. I will take the Caesar Code Shift Chart for the name Theodore J Kaczynski with 0-3-6-9 values and add your observation about positive shifts (going forward from the letter) and negative shifts (going backwards from the letter).




There does indeed appear to be a pattern -

both the left and right start off going inward as 0-+-+--, with a ++-- in the middle.

Let me try to illustrate it better:


To put it into pure math-algebra terms, with:

0="A", "-" = X, "+" = Y, this is the pattern:

A...X...Y...X...Y...XX... [YYXX]... XX...Y...X...Y...X...A

I suspect you may also be a right about a pattern in the final shuffle of the 18 letter string, but beyond a reversal and certain shifts, I have yet to detect an overall pattern. He may have added some randomness to increase difficulty of solution.

This graphic by Doug Oswell shows the proposed Caesar Code solution to the unsolved 18 from the first Zodiac Code. Anyone is welcome to copy it, save it and post it on other forums if they wish.

Zodiac First Code Unsolved 18 Theodore J Kaczynski.jpg
Zodiac First Code Unsolved 18 Theodore J Kaczynski.jpg (32.8 KiB) Viewed 3058 times
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Re: A Fresh Look At The Unsolved 18

Postby KITE on Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:11 pm

Here's something, but I'm not sure if I brought it up before or not. The unknown 18 is, of course, 18 letters, but it has only 9 different letters(EBORITMHP)-in the order given. That made me wonder if they were meant to be re-submitted, so to speak, to the two separate nines. It does work, if I'm not mistaken:


But if the nine was intentional to be re-submitted, let's say, why?--to further validate the cryptic perhaps?? And why the nine? Because, simply, those were nine that worked? Was BOTH PRIME an intentional reading or just the nine that worked. What would be the process here. Find nine that work for the two separate first and then see that it works for the whole name using doubles? Actually I haven't analyzed further than seeing that they work, so this could be nothing or maybe there's perhaps more to it.
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Re: A Fresh Look At The Unsolved 18

Postby KITE on Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:32 am

Looking at it now, I think it's quite possible that the first step was establishing 9 different letters for the name Kaczynski, that could then be used for the entire 18. Similar to the possible Caesar cryptic with the Unabomber identifying number. That possibility resulted with the letter string (EDICYNMBO). The unknown 18 letter string reduced to the different 9 would be (ERITPHMBO). It's just too compelling to not consider, in my opinion. The unknown 18 has 9 different letters that can Caesar match to KACZYNSKI with the number string of (6,9,6,6,9,6,6,9,6). It doesn't seem to affect any other analysis, everything seems the same, except that this could be the first step. But it does make it all the more interesting in that the different 9 match KACZYNSKI with an obvious number pattern, while the entire 18 Caesar-fit Theodore J Kaczynski with an interesting resulting number string. Maybe there's a double solution possibility to this, in a way.
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Re: A Fresh Look At The Unsolved 18

Postby KITE on Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:04 pm

Having had some time to look into it a bit, ERITPHMBO(the nine different letters out of the 18 unknown) is amazing because it matches THEODOREJ with a lot of 0 and 3. While matching up with KACZYNSKI with a lot of 6 and 9. For example, look simply at the zero(0) possibilities. THEODOREJ matches ERITPHMBO with the letters THEOORE. KACZYNSKI and ERITPHMBO, as is seen, only has the letter I match on a zero shift. So that is 7 to 1. The way it works out is:

On every single letter in Kaczynski, there is a 9 match and 3 have 2 matches: K(B and T) A(R) C(T) Z(I) Y(P and H) N(E) S(B) K(B and T)I(R).

E.......K........H (6,3)
R.......A.......O (9,3)
I........C.......O (6,6)
T.......Z.......T (6,0)
P.......Y........J (9,6)
H......N........E (6,3)
B.......K.......E (9,3)
O.......I.......R (6,3)
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Re: A Fresh Look At The Unsolved 18

Postby akwilks on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:07 pm

While there are several dozen researchers who think that Kite, myself and others have likely come up with the correct - or nearly correct - solutions to the unsolved Zodiac codes and the unsolved 18 from the first Z code (mostly two dozen at www.unazod.com and another half dozen at www.zodiackillersite.forummotion.com and a dozen or so others at websleuths and A&E Cold Case), there is no doubt that the majority of the general Zodiac research world, as seen at zodiackiller and zodiackillerfacts, have either dismissed the work without study, or stated after a very minimal quick and superficial look that our results are just coincidence and not significant.

I am pleased that it appears the FBI Code Unit is now looking at the work, and maybe sometime in the next few months we will hear something from them.

Aquiman from zkf, thebigZ at zks, has expressed interest in my code work. If I read him right, he was initially strongly inclined to dismiss it as wrong. But after reading more of my new work, and (here is where I give him props) taking the time to actually study it carefully, he told me he was impressed with the sheer amount of work and time I put into it, thought my approach was honest, that the work had logic and the results were quite interesting.

Still very skeptical, however, he wanted to put my results "under the microscope", and apply computer probability analysis, to either prove that my results were extraordinary and worthy of further study, or (as he thought would more likely be the case) disprove them. Show them to be the result of mere coincidence and/or faulty procedures, and thus not likely correct.

So I told him to go ahead, please apply whatever computer/math/logic/probability analysis he could, and to post his results, be they good, bad, mixed, inconclusive or decisive.

This is some of our discussion since then - hopefully the results will be soon!

The Big Z = I'm still here AK. Honestly, I SO WANT to be able to prove that you've forced your solution. I want to be able to show that it's NOT beyond mathematical probability. Truth is, I can't. Well... ok, I haven't really put forth the effort yet. But I think I'm going to try. If nothing else, maybe I can just show that you've be onto something all along.

No, I'm not a fan of anagramming and it's difficult for me to accept it as a reasonable possibility. But I suppose Z was not exactly a reasonable person. I'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon just yet... but I think I'll put on a fresh thinking cap. I'll let you know what kind of probabilities I can come up with.

AK = A month later I asked thebigZ how he was coming along on his project to prove/disprove the code solutionsof Kite and myself, and this what he told me:

The Big Z = Hi AK,

Just wanted to let you know I haven't given up on the probability analysis yet. I've run into quite a few obstacles along the way, however.

A "closed end" probability solution is not likely (as I've surmised after several days of trying several approaches).

Subsequently, I've begun writing a Monte Carlo program, which will generate random sequences of 18 letters and determine if a Caesar shift of -9, -6, -3, 0, +3, +6, or +9 could generate the name Theodore J Kascynski.

That's turning out not to be very easy either, but I hope to have it completed by the end of next week. I'm going to generate a few million runs or so to surmise a reasonable probability of success. My hope is that we will have either a higher than anticipated or an extremely small probability of success so that we might be able to formulate a concise conclusion; however, my gut feeling is that the probability will be small, but not small enough to dismiss coincidence. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

AK = Thanks for the update.

That is an interesting approach and I look forward to seeing the results.

What is your guesstimate as to what the percentage might be? In other words, if I understand you correctly, out of all the possible 18 letter combinations, what percentage can generate the 18 letter TJK name using Caesar shifts of 0, 3, 6 and 9 (+ and -)?

One problem may be that there are particular qualities of the number string that generates the TJK name that I find significant, but that you may not - or even if you do, there may be no way to incorporate them into a computer probablility analysis.

No doubt a large number of letter strings can create the TJK name with the Caesar application BUT I contend it is significant that the "E B E..." string that Zodiac gives us creates:

0 3 3 696 33 669966 99 6 0

It starts and ends with 0, it has a pattern that appears first as a single then as a double - 3 6 9 6, 33 66 99 66 - and the numbers that make up THEODORE add up to 33, which is in the name twice, and the numbers that make up JKACZYNSKI add up to 66, which is in the name twice.

But as I say, it may be difficult to impossible to factor in those aspects.

It will be interesting to see what you come up with, I think it is a good examination. Thanks.

One other thought -

I realize that you may not be able to incorporate most of the aspects of what makes the solution unique into your analysis, the stuff I mentioned in my last PM to you.

But one thing I wanted to alert you to, in hopes that it might be used.

In the 18 letter name Theodore J Kaczynski, there are three sets of double letters - EE, OO, KK.

In the Kite/Wilks solution and analysis proposed here, all three sets of double letters are also represented by double letters -

the EE by HH, the OO by II, and the KK by EE.

So out of the large number of 18 letter strings you will get that can create the TJK name in a Caesar Code 0,3,6,9 analysis, my question would be "How many of those have each of the three sets of double letters also represented by double letters?"

Because that arguably speaks to intent and design.

AK = We look forward to the results, whatever they may be. Good, bad, mixed, inconclusive, decisive...I will post them, and give my response.

I think right now thebigZ is focusing on the Kite/Wilks solution and analysis to the Unsolved 18 from the first Zodiac Code. I would also really love it for him to take a look at the 340 first stage solution with I GIVE THEM HELL THEO SEE A NAME that I think is correct, with the second stage decode by Caesar Code 0-3-6-9 shift analysis that gives us KACZYNSKI.

I thought I would post this to let people know what would be coming, and also so that if anyone has any ideas on how to do this, please let me and/or thebigZ know.
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Re: A Fresh Look At The Unsolved 18

Postby akwilks on Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:52 pm

First Zodiac Code Solution With Last 18 Letters Unsolved.jpg
First Zodiac Code Solution With Last 18 Letters Unsolved.jpg (36.24 KiB) Viewed 3209 times


...One B
...One O
.Three T 's
...Two H 's
....One P
...One R
.Three I 's
..One M
..Five E 's

These are the famous last 18 letters that appear at the end of the Harden solution. Coincidence or intended, they can spell the mathematical command "BOTH PRIME". Since people typically sign their name at the END of a letter, the police and others felt this 18 letter string might be an anagram of the killers name, and/or require a second stage decode to reveal the killers name.

Over the years there has been much other speculation as to their possible meaning, from "Robert Emmet The Hippie" (by adding some letters) to spiritual to mystical to weird, with no theory very convincing. That has led others to say that these 18 letters are nothing but filler, pure gibberish. With no real evidence to back that up either.

The Zodiac said this cipher contained his "identity".

But in the Harden solution he said he would not "give" his name.

But he later said if police crack the code they will "have him".

Perhaps by saying he would not "give" his name, he meant he would not just "give it up easily" in the first stage of the decode. He puts the 18 letter string in their at the end, in effect saying 'if you want my name, you are going to have to work very hard for it'.

Kite, myself and others have shown that the 18 letter sequence begining "E B E..." can reveal the 18 letter name of Zodiac suspect "Theodore J Kaczynski" with a shift value sequence of patterned repeats that matches the car door sequence at Lake Berryessa and is internally consistent mathematically.

Zodiac time and time again gives us the numbers 0, 3, 6 and 9 - if these are clues to the decrypt sequence, then they may reveal the name and message Zodiac encrypted.

So what happens if we apply a Caesar Code analysis to the unsolved 18 from the first Zodiac Code, using the 0-3-6-9 clues Zodiac kept giving us as shift values?

The Harden translation of the last 18 letters;

E..B..E..O..R..I..E..T..E..M..E..T..H..H..P..I..T..I is put in order:


and when the number sequence of:

0 3 3 6 9 6 3 3 6 6 9 9 6 6 9 9 6 0

is applied, these blue letters appear and spell the name:

W..H...K.. L...P....L...R...K...S....H...U...W..W..H...H...E...H...L


The above solution code to produce the name


0 3 - 3 6 9 6 - 3 3 6 6 9 9 6 6 - 9 9 - 6 0

Compare the number sequence above with the numbers Zodiac wrote on the car door at Lake Berryessa on 9/27/69:

Sept 27 - 69 - 6:30

September is the 9th month, and 2 + 7 = 9

So we might have, reducing the message to NUMBERS and expressing it in terms of MATHEMATICS:

9 9 - 6 9 6 3 - 0

Reverse it and we have:

0 - 3 6 9 6 - 9 9
And in the code solution to get the TJK name we see this exact same sequence of 3-6-9-6, and then doubled as 33-66-99-66. The entire code sequence is:

0 3 3 6 9 6 - 3 3 6 6 9 9 6 6 - 9 9 - 6 0
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Re: A Fresh Look At The Unsolved 18

Postby akwilks on Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:32 pm

NOTE: Stay tuned, it appears that there may be a VERY SIGNIFICANT development in the Zodiac case in regards to THEODORE J KACZYNSKI and the ZODIAC CODES! Awaiting final confirmation and ability to go public within one or two days!
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Re: A Fresh Look At The Unsolved 18

Postby akwilks on Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:14 pm

OK, here is the scoop...

Many of you may know or at least know of the poster at ZodiacKillerFacts called "Aquiman". While we have always been friendly towards each other, he strongly felt that the Kite - Wilks work on the Zodiac Codes using a Caesar Shift method of 0-3-6-9 was WRONG. As do the majority of posters at ZodiacKillerFacts.

Aqui and I did have discussions about it however. I think he might have become more interested when he saw the work on the Unabomber 9 digit code (by Kite, Oswell and myself) that pretty strongly shows that Ted Kaczynski did use a Caesar Code with 0-3-6-9 values to encode his 9 letter last name. And I think he may have been slightly impressed by sheer dogged persistence (or stubborn stupidity) in my relentlessly exploring and refining my work on the codes. And how the same name keeps showing up across several Zodiac codes, and the consistency of the method used. Using all or mostly Harden Key then applying a Caesar Code with 0-3-6-9 shift values.

While Aqui felt I was making a serious effort with some interesting results, he still very strongly felt my work on the Zodiac Codes were likely to be wrong. He felt that most if not all the results I was getting were simply the result of random chance. And that what I was claiming were these impressive results were in fact NOT beyond chance. He felt the Caesar method with 0-3-6-9 values produces too many letters, enough letters so that the production of the name "THEODORE J KACZYNSKI" would simply not be beyond random chance odds.

I should tell you at this point that Aqui is known to very skeptical and he demands solid evidence. I should also tell you that he has a masters degree in Applied Physics and works in the Physics Department at one of the top ten research universities in this country. And that he is well versed in mathematics and computer science, and part of his job involves using computers to do failure analysis using probability and statistics.

And so he set out to do an unbiased, scientific, complete and independent analysis of my code work and proposed solutions. His objective was to prove my solutions wrong or show they were correct, by using a computer analysis of the probability of obtaining the results I did.

So far the results are NOT what he expected!

He is still working on this project, and he wants it to be as complete and accurate as possible.

If the preliminary results hold up, I think his final report will be a major contribution to the Zodiac case and the solving of the Zodiac Codes. I am very excited by what he is doing, and we both agreed to post and publish the results as widely as we can, whatever they are. Positive, negative, mixed, inconclusive or what have you.

From what he has told me so far, we MAY be very close to having the first indpendent computer verification of a proposed code solution in the Zodiac case since the Harden's solved the first Zodiac Code.

Exactly what the future implications and impact of his report will be are hard to say. He will post it at ZKF, ZKS, here and other sites and wants to get feedback, criticism and suggestions. He will refine and correct it as needed. He is also subjecting it to peer review at his institution.

So what I can say for now is, hold tight , lets see what the final results are in about two to four days , and go from there.
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Re: A Fresh Look At The Unsolved 18

Postby akwilks on Mon Apr 18, 2011 5:06 pm

The computer analysis of the Kite - Wilks proposed Caesar Code 0-3-6-9 Solutions to the Zodiac Codes is being finished now. Hopefully, we will have the full results and report in a few days.

The numbers so far are VERY ENCOURAGING for the results of the name "THEODORE J KACZYNSKI" being PLACED into the last 18 of the First Zodiac Code. In other words, that the odds of that happening by random chance are very low - exactly how low is what is being worked out.

I am learning many new and interesting things from the TBZ/Aqui analysis. One thing was very counter-intuitive to me. He told me that just because a code solution is LONGER it does NOT always mean that there is LESS chance of it happening randomly. This is (apparently) because each new letter when Caesar shifted with + and - 0, 3, 6 and 9 creates a total of 7 letters. Thus there is a 7/26 chance of any letter being available once Caesar shifted (a 27% chance).

Thus, what I thought was perhaps my single most impressive code work, the 32 symbol Map Code, may actually end up being the least impressive, because the 32 symbols translated to letters and then Caesar shifted creates a huge number of variables. It creates a huge number of available letters, and to the extent that you anagram, it MAY be the case that ANY code result is NOT as impressive as I first thought.

I am still studying this, at this point in time. And the numerical palindrome sequence and other factors may still make it unlikely to happen by chance, and thus still likely correct, or largely correct. There is also the factor of the clue sequence being on the map, and the very hot sequence of THDRZIKZJOKO that occurs with no anagrams. I still stand behind most of my work on that code. But I have to rethink it - bigger is NOT always better. I was wrong on that element.


By the same token, some code results I thought were the least impressive may be revealed to be quite impressive indeed. We will see where the 18 unsolved ends up, though the preliminary numbers look very good. But it may the case that results in the 13 letter "My Name Is..." Code will be excellent and very impressive, and 9 letter solutions for THEODOREJ and KACZYNSKI utterly fantastic.


Based on what I was hearing from TBZ/Aqui, I took another look at something Kite had told me, but I pretty much disregarded under my "bigger is better" theory (that theory turning out to be largely false). It turns out Mr. Kite may have made another amazing discovery, which I try to expand upon, amplify and illustrate below.

Indeed, based on the "Less is More" analysis by TBZ/Aquiman, this discovery outlined below involving the 9 letters used in the unsolved 18 may the single most impressive and stunning discovery of any on the codes. From a numerical and probability perspective, this MAY be "off the charts" so to speak!

Thanks again to Mr. Kite for his amazing ideas, and for TBZ/Aqui for doing the excellent and careful work and analysis.


In 1969, some 40 years ago, Don and Bettye Harden solved the first Zodiac code. Since that time, the three other codes Zodiac sent to the SF Chronicle have remained unsolved. If one takes the Harden solution and general code solving principles and applies them to the unsolved codes as well as the last 18 symbols from the first Zodiac Code, you get a string of letters with no apparent meaning. It seems clear that there is at least one more "step" needed to solve the codes. But what is it? And did Zodiac give us a clue as to what it might be?

First Zodiac Code Solution With Last 18 Letters Unsolved.jpg
First Zodiac Code Solution With Last 18 Letters Unsolved.jpg (36.24 KiB) Viewed 2738 times

The solved portion of the first Zodiac Code and the last 18 characters which are unsolved.

The last 18 letters are:


This is actually 9 seperate letters, the rest are repeats:


The 9 seperate letters are:


For reasons which will be clear soon, I am going to take these 9 seperate letters that appear in the unsolved 18 and re-arrange their order:


Why did Zodiac select these 9 letters? He told us the code held his name...but then said we would not "give us" his name. Names usually go at the end of letters. Did he hide his name in these 9 letters, and do we have to "find it", as he would not "give" it to us? He also said if the code was cracked we would "have" him, and that the code contains his "identity".

What is significant about these 9 letters?

Let us create a Caesar Code Matrix with 0, 3, 6 and 9 for shift values. A "+" at the bottom indicates the letter string goes FORWARD in the alphabet, a "-" indicates it goes BACKWARDS in the alphabet.

* A * * Y * * K *
* * L * M * J * *
* * O * J * G * *
* * * * * * D * *
+ + -+ + + + + -

That is a Caesar Matrix for the 9 letters we have in the unsolved 18. What do you see?

Do you see the last name of a Zodiac suspect, a known serial killer, bomb designer and code expert who lived in the SF Bay area during 1967 to 1969? Do you also see his first name?

Look again - I will color the last name of this suspect:

* A * * Y * * K *
* * L * M * J * *
* * O * J * G * *
* * * * * * D * *
+ + - + + + + + -

Now you can clearly see the last name. And how it appears in a PATTERN.

6..9..6..6..9..6..6..9..6 (To be precise it is +6 +9 -6, +6 +9 +6, +6 +9 -6).

Can we calculate the odds that the name occurs from random chance? And in that pattern?

But also consider this - the 9 letters used in the unsolved last 18 from the first Zodiac Code don't just produce the name KACZYNSKI in a patterned way, they also produce the name THEODOREJ as well. In fact, 5 of the 9 letters used in the last unsolved 18 are in the name THEODOREJ, and the rest are produced by Caesar shift.

* A * * Y * * K *
* * L * M * J * *
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