Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Re: Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Postby KITE on Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:37 pm

AK, though I still balk at the idea of Zodiac possibly being the EAR, I wonder just how similar in mindset or otherwise disposition they were, or to Kaczynski. (Did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?) In my opinion, the possible EAR poem is written like the Unabomber Manifesto was put in poem form and it was sent, like Zodiac did, to THREE different destinations.

The voice recording of Kaczynski, if I'm not mistaken, has him using SMARTER and BETTER than someone else just like who is possibly Zodiac says in that April 1978 communication.

And don't forget about what I believe is a rather comprehensive cryptic message crafted in the closing of the possible 4/24/78 Zodiac communication:


With GUESS having a number-for-letters of (71): G(7)+U(21)+E(5)+S(19)+S(19)=71 and being next to the ZODIAC symbol, that gives two ZODIAC signs who have 71 numbers-for-letters totals:



CONTROL...first letter (C)
THINGS....second and third letter (HI)
PISCES....fourth letter (C)
ZODIAC...fifth letter (A)
VIRGO...last two letters (GO)

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Re: Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Postby DarlaJones on Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:50 am

In the last few weeks I have done an intensive web search on Ted Kaczynski and have found some very interesting links between him and ONS as well as interesting links between Zodiac and ONS. Here is a summary:

1. A series of papers was left in Danville in late 1979 at the site of the get away car from an aborted East Area Rapist attack (tracked by dogs). Included is the Mad is the Word Essay, an essay on Custer, and a map of a community surrounding a lake (the back of the map also has writing on it). The map resembles TJK's parent's community in Lombard Ill. The essays are riddled with mis-spellings. Sometimes ONS would spell the word correctly and some times he would misspell it. Ted Kaczynski also had mis-spellings, which the FBI used to compare his manifesto to the 1971 letter that David gave to them when he turned him in.
Documents (I'll eventually repost here, they are currently on zodiackillersite.com
1. EAR papers - now posted in the section on Accomplices. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=75
2. EAR map and map of Wanda and Ted's neighborhood in Lombard,IL. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=75
3. TERRY D. TURCHIE: AFFIDAVIT (FBI) http://zodiackillersite.com/viewtopic.php?f=102&t=2008

2. Excitement's Crave is very close in style to the taunting letters of the Zodiac Killer. There seems to be some similarity in the type styles of one of the Zodiac fake typed letter (code key letter) and the typed copy of the Excitement's Crave. There are also misspellings in the EC, for example Jesse James is incorrectly spelled with an "ie".
1. Screen Shots of EC typed pages http://zodiackillersite.com/viewtopic.p ... 0&start=50

3. The hood for the first EAR attack sounds like it was homemade. "In the very first EAR attack the hood was described as having "two eye holes and a seam down the front". I found that the rapper Despot had bought a lot of the items at auction and showed the outer hood and inner hood. http://www.frank151.com/news/a-look-ins ... goods.html

4. Writing samples of ONS match TJK's writing. The long essay about 6th grade sounds similar to the problems Ted had when he skipped to 7th grade. The essay was written in pencil and a sensitive or revealing part of the essay was erased. (IMO the "6th" grade teacher could have really been the "7th" grade teacher and just erased and replaced with 6th so as not to be so obvious.) It seems too incredible that both ONS and TJK had a teacher they hated in the 6th/7th grade.

5. TJK was a coin collector. ONS was known to steal coins and large jugs of pennies.

6. TJK was in California during both the Zodiac and ONS attacks and many of his travels corresponded with hotel stays in Helena. He was known to have been in Oakland in 1975. The timeline below still does not rule out TJK as ONS or as an accomplice to ONS.

- June 1969 left Berkeley and moved to Lombard, Il.
- Summer 1969 traveled with David.
- Summer 1970 David moved to Great Falls, MT.
- End of 1970 worked for Abbot Consultants in Elmherst, Il
- Summer 1971 Build cabin in MT
- Late 1972 to Dec. 1973 worked in Chicago and Salt Lake City, UT.
- June 1973 returned to his cabin in MT.
- September 1974 worked for three weeks as gas station attend in Montana.
( Letter telling off owner and quitting here: http://www.handwriting.org/theodore-kaczynski.html)
- January 1975 he traveled to Oakland, CA.
- March 1975 he returned to cabin in MT.
- May 1976 or (*June 1976) returned to Chicago in search of work
(According to Ellen article it was July when he was fired. Worked at Foam Cutting Engineers.)
- Sept. 1978 to March 1979 employed by Prince Castle.
(As a delivery driver?).
- March 1979 lived with parents in Lombard, Il
- Summer 1979 returned to cabin in MT.
- Mid-1980 traveled to Canada.

Here is a timeline of the EAR/ONS/GSK crimes

East Area Rapist Crimes 6/18/76 to 10/1/79
6/18/76 Fri
4:00am Rancho Cordova, CA
Woman alone

7/17/76 Sat
2:00am Del Dayo. Carmichael, CA
Teenage girl

8/29/76 Sun
3:20am Rancho Cordova, CA
Teenage girl (escaped)

9/04/76 Sat
11:30pm Citrus Heights, CA
Woman alone

10/5/76 Tue
6:45am Citrus Heights, CA

10/9/76 Sat
4:30am Rancho Cordova, CA
Woman alone

10/18/76 Mon
2:30am Del Dayo, Carmichael, CA

10/18/76 Mon
11:00pm Rancho Cordova, CA
Woman alone

News Blackout lifted. 1st News article on rapist appears in 11/4/76 Sacto Bee.
11/10/76 Wed
7:30pm near Greenback Ln, Citrus Heights, CA
Woman alone

12/18/76 Sat
11:30pm Carmichael, CA
Woman alone

1/19/77 Wed
1:00am Glenbrook/College Greens
Woman alone

1/24/77 Mon
3:00am Primrose Dr., Citrus Heights, CA
Woman alone

2/7/77 Mon
6:45am Crestview Drive & Madison Ave., Citrus Heights, CA

2/16/77 Wed
10:30pm Ripon Court , Glenbrook/College Greens, East Sacramento, CA 18 yr old Youth shot in stomach after confronting and chasing prowler.
3/8/77 Tue
Approx. 4:00am Robertson & Whitney Aves., Sacto, CA
Woman alone

3/18/77 Fri
10:45pm Rancho Cordova
Teenage girl

4/2/77 Sat
Madison & Main Ave.
Couple (added on 5/15/77)

4/15/77 Fri
2:30am Madison & Manzanita Aves. , Crestview Area, Sacto, CA

5/3/77 Tue
3:00am Glenbrook/College Greens

5/5/77 Thu
12:15am Orangevale, CA
Couple accosted outside home

5/14/77 Sun
3:45am Greenback Ln & Birdcage St., Citrus Heights, CA

5/17/77 Tue
1:30am Sand Bar Circle,
Del Dayo, Carmichael, CA

5/17/77 EAR threatens to kill next two victims. Composite Sketch & Profile released.
Intense police & CBer's patrol apparently force EAR out of the East Area.

5/28/77 Sat
Approx. 1:00am Fourth Parkway, South Area, Sacto, CA

#22 Attack was blocks away from local dentist who organized CBer Patrols
& posted additional $10,000 reward.

9/6/77 Tue
Lincoln Village West, North Stockton, CA

First Stockton, CA attack after apparently being dormant all summer.
10/1/77 Sat
1:30am La Riveria & Toulomne Dr, RC, CA

10/21/77 Fri
3:00am Gold Run Ave., Elkhorn Blvd., Diablo Drive, Foothill Farms, Antelope, CA
Couple (forced entry) mentioned in 3/25/93 Bee article

10/29/77 Sat
1:45am Mission & Eastern Ave., Sacto, CA

11/10/77 Thu
3:00am La Riviera Dr. near Watt Ave.
Teenage girl molested

12/2/77 Fri
11:30pm Lobrett & Revelstok Dr. Foothill Farms, CA Aborted EAR attack. Woman alone with child. Husband not home.
La Riviera Dr. & Watt Ave. EAR suspect wearing ski mask spotted riding bicycle on Watt Ave. Bridge by Sheriff Deputies. Suspect eludes capture. Bicycle reported stolen from Redding, CA left behind.

1/28/78 Sat
10:15pm Winding Way, E. of Walnut Ave.(near American River College.)
Teenage girl #1

1/28/78 Sat
Same as above
Teenage girl #2 (sister to above)

2/2/78 Thu
9:00PM 10165 La Alegria and La Gloria Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA Maggiores murdered.
2/16/78 Thu

Composite Sketches released
re: Maggiore murder suspects


3/18/78 Fri
1:05am Parkwoods, Stockton

Rancho Cordova

2nd Attack in Stockton.
4/14/78 Fri
10:00pm Piedmont Drive, Seamas & Riverside Aves. South Sacramento, CAounted CouTeenage Girle?
Last known EAR attack in the Sacramento Area
4/16/78 Sun
Enhanced Composite Sketch Released
re: Maggiore Murder Suspects

6/5/78 Mon
3:50am N.E. Modesto, CA A mile from other Modesto Location

6/7/78 Wed
4:00am Davis, CA Apartment, N. side UCD
Woman alone

6/23/78 Fri
1:30am North East Modesto

6/24/78 Sat
3:00am Davis

6/28/78 Wed
EAR Copycat Attack

7/6/78 Thur
3:00am Westwood Div., Davis, CA
Woman alone (two sons present)

10/7/78 Sat
2:30am Concord, CA

10/13/78 Fri
4:30am Ygnacio Valley, Concord, CA

10/28/78 Sat
4:30am San Ramon, CA

3:30am San Jose, CA

4:30am San Jose, CA

12/9/78 Sat
2:00am Danville, CA

4/5/79 Thur
1:00am Fremont, CA

Walnut Creek
Teenage girl

6/11/79 Mon
4:00am Danville, CA (two blocks from #43)

6/25/79 Mon
Walnut Creek
Teenage girl

(Occured 4/6/78)
Rancho Cordova

3:45am Danville, CA
Couple (Aborted attack)

10/1/79 Mon
Queen Ann Lane, Goleta, Santa Barbara County, CA
Couple (escaped)

Original Night Stalker Crimes 1979 to 1986

12/30/79 Sun
Avenida Pequena Ave., Goleta, Santa Barbara County, CA
Alexandria Manning (murdered)

12/30/79 Sun
(Same Location as above)
Dr. Robert Offerman (murdered)

3/13/80 Thu
High Point Drive, Ventura County, CA
Charlene Smith (raped, murdered)

3/13/80 Thu
(Same Location as above)
Lyman Smith (murdered)

8/19/80 Tue
Cockleshell Dr., Dana Point, CA
Patrice Harrington (raped, murdered)

8/19/80 Tue
(Same Location as above)
Keith Harrington (murdered)

2/5/81 Thu
35 Columbus, Irvine, Orange County CA
Manuela Witthuhn (raped, murdered)

7/27/81 Sun
Toltec Way, Goleta, Santa Barbara County, CA (half-mile from prev. Goleta site.)
Cheri Domingo (murdered)

7/27/81 Sun
(Same Location as above)
Gregory Sanchez (murdered)

5/4/86 Sun
13 Encina, Northwood Area, Irvine, Orange County, CA (mile from Witthun)
Janelle Lisa Cruz (raped, murdered)
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Re: Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Postby akwilks on Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:57 pm

Thanks for posting that info Darla.

In the coded part of his journal that records all Unabomber crimes, Ted mentions other unspecified crimes and he says he notes and evidence regarding them have been buried or burned as revelation could be "dangerous, embarrassing, or just very pad PR at this time."

Based on definitive evidence, such as confirmed sightings or conversations with neighbors or store clerks, family visits or mailings, etc., I could find nothing to rule him out. When I gave info to the police, I can assume they also found nothing to definitively give him an alibi for any key DNA linked EAR/ONS attacks, as they eventually asked the FBI and the Supermax prison for Ted's DNA.

Now there was one moment when I almost dropped all consideration of Ted for EAR/ONS. There was an apparent employment record for Ted being in Illinois at a job site within 24 hours of an EAR attack in California. While it would be technically possible for Ted to make it to CA within 24 hours from Illinois, by plane or even train, I considered it very impractical. I was prepared to back burner and all but drop any serious consideration of Ted for these crimes and return to what was always my main focus, the Zodiac case and to some extent Tylenol. But ultimately I did not.

First the EAR attack in question was not a DNA linked attack. meaning we do not know for sure that it was EAR/ONS who did it. Aside from theories about an EAR A and an EAR B, there were some definite copycat attacks, and there were other ski masked and home invasion rapists in North Cal at the time. But more importantly, the company in question was run by Ted's brother David. So Ted had access to the office and could have faked the record. I provided this info to the police, and as I said, they still sought to get Ted's DNA for comparison to the EAR/ONS DNA.

The FBI established that for almost every single Unabomber crime or mailing, the majority of which were in North Cal, SF or Sacramento , they had hotel records for a hotel in Helena that Ted would stay at within 30 days of going out of state to do these CA crimes and mailings, or he would stay there with 30 days of returning from being out of state.

There are also hotel stays, indicative of out of state trips to CA, with no matching Unabomber crimes, BUT EACH IS WITHIN 30 DAYS OF A ONS CRIME, INCLUDING CRUZ IN 1986.

I have read the statements of Sacramento hotel clerks who say Ted stayed there but the FBI doesn't reveal the dates.

The FBI states that he would usually stay at this hotel in Helena, MT within a week to 30 days either before or after a crime. In other words, on his way out of state (most often to California) he would stay here, or on his way back. He sometimes left one day before paid checkout time. In regards to the four dates I can find in the relevant time period, EACH ONE COINCIDES WITH AN ORANGE COUNTY MURDER TAKING PLACE WITHIN ONE WEEK TO THIRTY DAYS OF HIS STAY. Scott is NOT a DNA linked confirmed ONS murder but is a possible ONS murder.

Paid Hotel Stay ----------Orange County Murder

April 14 - 18, 1980 ---------- Lyman and Charlene Smith, March 13, 1980

May 12 - 14, 1980 ----------Dorothy Jane Scott, May 27, 1980

August 13 - 15, 1980 ---------- Keith and Patrice Harrington, August 19, 1980

April 7 - 9, 1986 ------------------------------Janelle Lisa Cruz, May 4, 1986

May 28-30, 1986

Other than a June 10, 1980 mail bombing in Chicago, there were no other bombings or mailings in 1980 or 1986.

Thus, it is unknown why Kaczynski stayed in the hotel for these times above, something he generally only did when going to or coming back from an out of state crime. Therefor it is very interesting indeed that these hotel stays, indicating of out of state trips to CA, match ONS murders.

There was also a pipe bomb placed behind a computer store in Orange County CA - the EXACT MO OF KACZYNSKI - the summer of the Cruz murder and a few miles away from where she was killed in Orange County.
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Re: Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Postby KITE on Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:15 am

I think that a good way for me to say it is that I balk at the idea of Kaczynski being the East Area Rapist but I guess I can't rule it out. I believe the EAR was previously the Visalia Ransacker and I believe there is accuracy to the Visalia composites, in my opinion. I believe it's more likely he had dirty blonde to blonde hair than the light brown to reddish brown hair variety, in my opinion.

Here's some interesting conjecture, in my opinion. Very interesting, in my opinion.

Back near the end of 2013, I suggested the idea that the Custer essay reinforced clues EAR left on the map. I believe it says at least (SNELL) in one place and that also (JEN A) is penned or penciled? The Custer essay in my opinion reinforces these clue because of an association to Fort Snelling in 1876 and the abbreviated GEN. and then ARMSTRONG CUSTER:


I believe with this EAR was alluding to cases connected to him as the Visalia Ransacker. And also in the Custer essay, by using the misspelling (AMIRED) and then placing it under (GEORGE), he may have been alluding to the possible EAR (2-2-78) unsolved Sacramento case?

But I'm not really suggesting that EAR stumbled across a subject(CUSTER) in 1978 that he realized he could use to allude to cases connected to him. (But aren't you KITE?) Actually what I believe is that EAR had the historical Custer event(Custer being killed)in mind even before he was the Visalia Ransacker, in my opinion he was that criminal too. Allow me to explain. EAR, if those are his papers and map, wrote PUNISHMENT on the back of the map, was it? I believe EAR viewed himself as striking back against society. PREVAILING SOCIETY as he possibly wrote in the poem. I believe he rationalized his criminal behavior at least in part by believing he was striking back at or punishing society. With this mindset, I believe EAR approved of what happened to Custer. Perhaps this historical event(June 25,1876, was it?) was so significant to EAR and his mindset that he alluded to it in his criminal acts, from the beginning? The June 18,1976 date, possibly the first associated with EAR in Sacramento was one week from the 100th anniversary of the historical General Custer's death, if I'm not mistaken.
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Re: Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Postby KITE on Wed Nov 19, 2014 3:21 am

Even though I don't believe that the EAR was also the Zodiac or Kaczynski(although I guess I can't rule it out), I proceeded with hypothetically considering that the EAR was also the Zodiac (and that the real Zodiac knew of Ted Kaczynski and used his name to cryptically misdirect) so that I could then look over the Custer essay and the map (possibly left behind by EAR in 1978, was it?), searching for clues with both cases considered. Here is where that approach led me, although I could be mistaken on the following or otherwise the following aren't necessarily substantiated facts:

* The EAR possibly left behind a map in 1978? and the Zodiac mailed in a map in 1970.
*The EAR possibly left the map behind in Danville.
* On the Zodiac Map, Danville is near the 0,3,6,9 marked circle, between south and west, almost halfway or almost 225 degrees.

From that starting point I proceeded to look over the Custer essay paper:

*Gen.(3) George(6) Armstrong(9) Custer(6)makes for a 3-6-9-6 pattern, as far as the amount of letters in each name, or just a 6-9-6 when not counting the abbreviated GEN.
*SOUTH and WEST are found on Line 10 and, if I'm not mistaken, they should be one word. By using those directions and also breaking the words up, is it a clue alluding to the SOUTH and WEST points on the circle in the Zodiac Map because Danville is between those points?
*The number 225 is found on Line 28. Is it a clue alluding to the circle on the Zodiac Map because Danville is found roughly equally between the south and west points at 225 degrees? Also the word UNION is added after 225. In 1876 would they still be considered UNION men? Was UNION added as a word association clue? (UNION-UNIT CIRCLE?)
*If I'm not mistaken, INDANS is misspelled on Line 29 even though he spelled it correctly before that.
*If I'm not mistaken, COURAGOUS is misspelled on Line 29. Was that meant to direct to the word PUNSHMENT on the back of the map, is it? because both are ten letter words reduced to nine when misspelled, (both shorted a vowel).

So, within and considering the totality of these possible clues, I proceeded to see if a something in the area of a 6-9-6 Caesar shift(George(6)Armstrong(9)Custer(6)) on the word (PUNSHMENT) resulted in the hypothetical possibility of the real Zodiac cryptically misdirecting with the Kaczynski name?

But first, because the letter P in PUNSHMENT is backward, unless I'm mistaken, the first step is to make that letter P into a letter E since the Zodiac apparently used a backward letter P symbol in his 340 cipher and in the 340 cipher solution that I believe is correct, the symbol backward P translates into a letter E.




K......A.......C......Y.......N......S.....K......I......Z.......=KACZYNSKI. (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?)

The letter T in PUNSHMENT, I have as equaling Z, and possibly that T was drawn to similarly to the T of the Zodiac symbol. The SOUTH and WEST points are connected with a line?

Even though I could offer up some comprehensive analysis as to why I don't believe the EAR and Ted Kaczynski are the same person, plainly put, I believe the EAR had blonder hair than Kaczynski.
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Re: Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Postby akwilks on Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:54 pm

That is very interesting Mr. Kite.

Both Zodiac and Ted used the word punish.

Most of the time EAR wore a hood, so not many reports of hair color. I think they range from sandy blonde to light brown, which is in range for Ted. When Ted was younger, and when he was exposed to sunlight, his hair was blonder, a sandy medium blonde, but ranged to a light brown with slight red tinge.

Custer death was June 25, 1876. SFPD Officer Richard Radetich was killed june 19, 1970, a crime for which Zodiac perhaps hinted at credit for.

The Visalia Ransacker killed Professor Claude Snelling in the midst of a failed attempt to kidnap/murder his daughter Beth Snelling. I think Beth was on school cheerleading squad.

A message found on a car window at Beth's high school said BETH I'LL GET THE REST.
This seems somewhat like probable Zodiac message of BATES HAD TO DIE THERE WILL BE MORE.

Both name a victim and threaten more killings. Zodiac wrote a car door at Lake Berryessa- the VR wrote on a car window.

There are serious matches and mismatches between EAR/ONS and Ted. You stated you think EAR had blonder hair then Ted. However when Ted was younger his hair was blonder, and I think it would vary over the years, perhaps based on exposure to sunlight and other factors. The EAR wore a hood, so not many hair descriptions, but for VR, Maggiore Killer and EAR, I think the hair descriptions were short sandy medium blonde to light brown, which is generally consistent with Ted I think.

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Re: Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Postby KITE on Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:43 am

You're right. If, for example, the EAR had light brown hair and he cut it sort of short in May, let's say, his hair could be longer and blonder in September from the summer sun, as one possibility. The possible EAR poem's use of the words LEISURE and TAME, in arguably Unabomber Manifesto-matching context, is quite compelling, in my opinion. Not to mention the possible allusion to revolution? PLANNED EXILE was also used in the poem. I wonder if the poem was first put to rhyme in 1969 and then brought up to date in 1978? No, the poem was sent 12/77, if I'm not mistaken. Sent to 3 different places! Could the EAR have been imitating the Zodiac on the triple mailing? Compelling parallels, in my opinion. Even my recent possible PUNSHMENT observation has me swayed to some extent. The word PUNISHMENT, spelled correctly, has 5 letters that match up with KACZYNSKI on a (+6) Caesar shift:


And then when PUNISHMENT is reduced to PUNSHMENT and the P becomes an E(because the backward P is an E in the Zodiac 340 cipher, in my opinion), SEVEN out of NINE letters match to KACZYNSKI on a (+6) Caesar shift(KA*YNSK*Z) and most of it is in order. I forgot to list a few things since this possible cryptic observation was rather recent.

The following are possibilities and not necessarily substantiated facts within hypothetically considering that the EAR might have also been the Zodiac.

*Who was possibly the EAR left behind papers and a map in Danville in 1978?
*The Zodiac mailed in a map on 6/26/1970?
*One of the possible EAR papers was a writing on the historical General George Armstrong Custer who died on 6/25/1876?
*The Zodiac map has a 0-3-6-9 Zodiac symbol with Danville positioned roughly halfway between the 6 and 9 points or roughly halfway between the South and WEST directions or roughly at 225 degrees.
*George(6) Armstrong(9) Custer(6) makes for a 6-9-6 pattern with the number of letters in each name.
*(South West) is written on Line 10 of the Custer essay, broken up into 2 separate words, if I'm not mistaken.
*The number(225) is written on Line 28. The word BETWEEN is written above the 225.
*The letter T in PUNSHMENT has a line connecting what would be the 6 and 9 points.

Apparently what should have been spelled PUNISHMENT was spelled PUNSHMENT on the back of the map, I think?, reducing it to a nine letter word, unless I'm mistaken. But also apparently the letter P was written backwards. The backward letter P symbol in the Zodiac 340 cipher translates to the letter E, in my opinion.


(did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski and cryptically misdirect with his name?)
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Re: Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Postby KITE on Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:36 am

AK, the observation I am now mentioning concerning a possible cryptic connection, is very interesting, in my opinion.
AK, you wrote: Both Zodiac and Ted used the word punish.
And he who was possibly the EAR apparently did intend to pen PUNISHMENT just like he who was the real Zodiac did pen PUNISH and PUNISHED. But in what communication did the real Zodiac pen PUNISH and PUNISHED? If I'm not mistaken, it was the 6-26-70 Zodiac communication, WHEN THE ZODIAC's MAP WAS SENT IN!
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Re: Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Postby KITE on Mon Nov 24, 2014 4:06 pm

So, I've proposed the possibility that the demise of the historical General George Armstrong Custer in 1876 was possibly such a meaningful event to the EAR and his mindset that perhaps he intentionally alluded to it in some of his criminal activity, perhaps from the beginning, which perhaps eventually led to him leaving behind the essay on CUSTER? I have also hypothetically entertained a connection between the Zodiac use of PUNISH in association with a MAP and the possible EAR writing of PUNSHMENT on the back of a MAP of sorts, if I'm not mistaken. So, how would I make sense out of all of that?

First, as far as the EAR possibly intentionally alluding to a historical figure or event with his criminal activity, I believe it's possible the Zodiac alluded to a historical event with the 9/6/70 case, a case he possibly alluded to with the possible Zodiac 3/22/71 postcard. But like I suggested with EAR, alluding not after the fact, but before. In other words, he may have proceeded with criminal activity with names that offered word association to the historical event? And perhaps there's a commonality of a NATURE theme associated with both?

Second, I wonder if it's possible that the 6/26/70 Zodiac communication and Map were dropped off somewhere by Zodiac on June 25, 1970? That might mean he was intentionally attempting to mail it in on the anniversary on the historical Custer's death(6/25/1876). This historical event possibly meant a lot to Zodiac and his mindset as it might relate to the game I believe Zodiac played; using numbers within his criminal activity to promote revolution and society's return to wild NATURE. Zodiac, in my opinion, approved of the historical Custer's demise. Zodiac possibly mentioning he committed a violent act in Montana during the 9/27/69 case could have been an allusion to the historical Custer's death?

Zodiac may have associated the word PUNISH or PUNISHMENT with the historical CUSTER event(6/25/1876)? And perhaps the association of the word PUNISH(MENT) with the CUSTER event was reinforced numerically?
Here's something I should have noticed right away:

Yes, if I'm not mistaken, they are both 119!!

Also consider how many times that who was possibly EAR writes the number SIX. When going on and on about the SIXTH grade, he writes either SIXTH or 6th: seven times, if I'm not mistaken.

So, as I wonder if it's possible that the EAR was also the Zodiac? and wonder too if the real Zodiac knew of Ted Kaczynski and used his name for cryptic misdirection?, I noticed another possible cryptic recovery in the possible EAR writings. At the beginning of what is apparently the second page referring to the sixth grade, he writes:

me write, hours and hours Id sit
and write 50-100-150 sentence
day and night I write those dreadful

That 50-100-150 is very interesting to me. He seems to go out of his way to list those numbers. Those numbers are like 3-6-9 and 10-20-30 in that they, along with zero, can be put on the points of a circle, like the Zodiac MAP and 0-3-6-9. Is equidistant the right word? And also I wonder if HOUR and HOURS is hinting of circles as a possible allusion to a clock face? And also is DAY and NIGHT hinting of circles too in the association of the (DAY and the sun) and (NIGHT and the moon)? But even putting those possible hinting of circles aside, the 50-100-150 is very, very interesting, in my opinion as possibly to be associated with the Zodiac case and so I proceeded to look for words that could perhaps be connected to the Zodiac case and then Caesar shifted using:
(-150,-100,-50, 0,+50,+100,+150)

Very interestingly, in my opinion, Line ELEVEN reads:

wright until my bones aked until

MY BONES AKED is between two UNTIL's. Both WRIGHT and AKED are misspelled.(WRIGHT could be referring back to Line 3's(day and n(IGHT) I (WR)ite)?

MY BONES AKED is similar to, in my opinion, the possible ZODIAC Halloween Card that reads:

I feel it in
you (ACHE)
to know
my name

The Zodiac Halloween Card has potential for the real Zodiac using the KACYZNSKI name for cryptic misdirection? In my opinion, there is very straightforward possible cryptic reading of KACZYNSKI, using letters and numbers but not numbers-for-letters?

So, I proceeded to Caesar shift(-150,-100,-50, 0, +50,+100,+150) the first NINE of MYBONESAKED=(MYBONESAK)

(MYBONESAK) turned around is: (KASENOBYM)

(0, 0,-150,+50, 0,+100,+50,+150+100)
(KAYCNKZSI) anagrams to (KACZYNSKI) although I could be mistaken, especially since this involves big numbers?

And apparently not just any (zero and three numbers) on the points of a circle will work since:

0-3-6-9, if I'm not mistaken, won't work because of the letter C:

TWZ(C)FIL and there are no TWZFIL in (My Bones Ak)ed.
(That's just one example, there may be more?)


XHR(B)LVF and the letter B can't match to any letters in Kaczynski.
(That's just one example, there may be more?)

The possible Zodiac Halloween Card: I FEEL it in MY BONES, you ACHE to know my name....
The possible EAR writings: ..it just wasn't fair to make me sit and wright until MY BONES AKED, until my (hand) FELT every horrid pain it ever had....

The (hand) of the skeleton on the possible Zodiac 10/27/70 Halloween Card might be said to be holding up the number 30 and Zodiac apparently wrote a 14 on the hand too. Those numbers contributed to what I believe resulted in a cryptic reading of KACZYNSKI. (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?)
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Re: Possible Zodiac And/Or TJK Link To Original Night Stalker?

Postby akwilks on Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:13 pm

Interesting. The postmark on the punish letter and map is June 26 but my guess would be Zodiac placed it in a mailbox on June 25.

See at http://www.zodiackillersite.com/viewtop ... f=60&t=138

Z = I promised to punish them if they did not comply, by anilating a full School Buss. But now school is out for the summer, so I punished them in another way. Mt. Diablo Letter, 1970.

K = The people who are pushing all this growth and progress garbage deserve to be severely punished. New York Times Letter, 1995.
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