Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Re: Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Postby KITE on Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:14 am

Very interesting. Concerning the idea of looking for possible hidden messages or words from other languages within the 340 cipher. Recently I noticed a possible pattern in the 340 cipher:


So, in my opinion, that's an interesting possible pattern for Freedom Club(did the real Zodiac know of Kaczynski and his future plans?). Also possibly interesting as it might concern possible words from other languages is that the 3 letters seen downward between the letter F and the letter E in the possible FREEDOM anagram pattern are the letters O, N, and O. Could that possibly be interpreted as a combination of English and Spanish for the word ONE? The idea being that the Unabomber was the ONE member of his own Club?(was the real Zodiac aware of Kaczynski's future plans?)

Interesting too, in my estimation, is the use of the letter B from the downward reading of BARS in Column 5. I believe that possibly an overall message of:


was intended in the possible downward-read words in Columns 5,9, and 10 of the 340 cipher.

So, a possible hidden Freedom Club pattern in the 340 cipher using the same B from BARS is particularly interesting, in my estimation. As well as possibly the (SHALL SEE MT)(Montana?) nearby.

And did Zodiac say something similar on 9-27-69 when he possibly referred to escaping from prison in Montana, if I'm not mistaken? If I'm not mistaken, Zodiac possibly talked of escaping the BARS he was KEPT in while in Montana. Could that have possibly been a symbolic story, if that's the word, of being KEPT IN BARS, on a LEASH, ATAK(attacking) those restraints, and then escaping into the freedom of the MONTANA wilderness, as I believe Zodiac possibly saw it? (Of course, I put that into my own words to parallel to the words and possible hidden messages that I believe are included in the 340 cipher.)
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Re: Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Postby KITE on Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:05 pm

I agree with the possible idea that Zodiac alluded to Robert Emmet, the historical Irish revolutionary from around the year 1800 or so, in the last 18 symbols of his first cipher(408 symbols, if I'm not mistaken). And I believe he wrote it out this way.


So, that's 18 letters. The pattern being to remove one of the double consonants from 3 of the words. And I believe Zodiac would have wrote the final 18 out jumbled, something like this:

I EBORT ETEM ETH HPIEI (as compared to what actually ended the cipher:


They seem very similar.

Q. So KITE, if you believe Zodiac intended to end the cipher as you wrote it out first, why did the cipher actually end as it did, different from what you believe Zodiac originally intended, even if perhaps only slightly different.

A. Because I believe Zodiac wanted to start it out with the letters (EBE) because I believe he was alluding to a 1968 unsolved Michigan case that possibly involved an association to the same historical Irish revolutionary EMMET from the year 1800 and possibly a communication with those letters (EBE) possibly emphasized.

So, a way to do that is to switch the letter T in ROBET with the letter E in HIPIE. The word (I) would then be moved to after the word ROBET. That could be how possibly:

And this doesn't conflict with the idea that THEODORE J KACZYNSKI=TEHIMIOH P ERTTEEBEI (03369633 6 699669960)(did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski).

Another interesting consideration concerning the possible idea that Zodiac wanted to start out the final 18 with the letters (EBE) is that the 15 letters after (EBE) add up to a numbers-for-letters of 180, 90 at a time:

(EBE)=12 (ORIETEME)=90 (THHPITI)=90 (180 total) (If I'm not mistaken).

That might be interesting because of a possible association with revolution(revolt)(Robert Emmet the historical revolutionary) and the numerical game that I believe Zodiac created(revolution(once around a circle)). The number 180 is one of the direction points on a circle, if I'm not mistaken(90,180,270,360). So, possibly could EBE be an acronym created by Zodiac that had a numbers-for-letters of 180, resulting in a number-for letters total of 360:

EBE acronym=180, ORIETEMETHHPITI=180:

:that would thus then, as possibly Zodiac saw it, allude to revolution(revolt) by alluding to revolution(once around a circle)(360 degrees)?
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Re: Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Postby KITE on Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:24 am

I believe that Zodiac, possibly in the 340 cipher, clued in on the numerical game that I believe he played.

Q. KITE? what numerical game are you referring to?

A. I believe that Zodiac used SIX dates and their LOCATIONS in a numerical game that involved circles. But, as of the sending of the 340 cipher (November, 1969), up to that point, I believe he had acted on FOUR of the six dates. They are:

12+20+68=100 Vallejo(77)+Zodiac(58)=135
7+4+69=80 Vallejo(77)+Zodiac(58)=135 Vallejo total: 135x2=270
9+27+69=105 Napa(32)+Zodiac(58)=90
10+11+69=90 San Francisco(122)+Zodiac(58)=180

So, what I showed there was that when the dates were added, they resulted in the number string 100-80-105-90 with the intended eventual result, in my estimation, being the number string 80-85-90-95-100-105 (in other words 85 and 95 are still needed). And then this number string could be put to a circle and lines drawn thru the center could cover all 12 points.

With the LOCATIONS, I used number-for-letters such as (A=1, B=2, Z=26 etc.). For example, Zodiac (58) means that Z(26)+O(15)+D(4)+I(9)+a(1)+C(3)=58. I believe that Zodiac wanted the LOCATIONS + ZODIAC to add up to (90,180,270,360), the points of a circle, and in this way he was promoting revolution(revolt) by alluding to the revolution (once around) of a circle.

The next date Zodiac acted on, after the sending of the 340 cipher, in my opinion, was:

6-19-70 San Francisco (if I'm not mistaken). That would fit the numerical game, in my estimation, since the needed 95 results with 6+19+70=95 and the doubling up of San Francisco((122)+Zodiac(58)=180. San Francisco total: 360:) also results (if I'm not mistaken on that location).

* I also believe that Zodiac acted on 3-22-70, which is a 95 total date (3+22+70=95), but, in my opinion, no situation unfolded for what Zodiac intended to happen on that day, on a 95 date. In other words, Zodiac may have also been driving around on 4-21-70 and 5-20-70 (both 95 dates), and only ended up acting, was only able to, on 6-19-70. He may have approached, considered, and balked at acting on many or several occasions possibly during 1969-70?

So, the 6-19-70 DATE is the one that I believe Zodiac clued in on in the 340 cipher.

Q. KITE? So how did he clue in on that 6-19-70 DATE as you believe he did in the 340 cipher?

A. I believe that Zodiac clued in on what would end up being the 6-19-70 DATE in 3 ways.

(1) I believe that Zodiac included in the 340 text, the words..... (A PILLS GAME). A PILLS GAME has a number-for-letters of 95. (A(1)+PILLS(68)+GAME(26)=95). Arguably, Zodiac referred to a (GAME) if he was the one who chose and sent in the 10-27-70 Halloween Card? (wasn't it something like....but then why spoil our game?)

(2) In the 340 cipher, in my opinion, Zodiac includes a downward reading of the word Attack by using ATAK. In my opinion this is part of an overall reading of downward words that make the message:
KEPT(PTEK) IN BARS TILL ATAK LOSE LEASH. With this message, I believe that Zodiac was lecturing that the restraints imposed by society must be Attacked. And, I believe that Zodiac believed he was attacking(ATAK) the restraints with the numerical game I believe he played.
So, as far as the word ATAK alluding to the 6-19-70 date, the word ATAK, read downward in the 340 cipher, begins on the 180th symbol or position.

(3) The 340 text, in my opinion, closes with the sentence...(The pig stalls deal eighth soel slain).

So, in summary, in my estimation, there are 3 clues in the 340 cipher that were meant to match up with what would end up being the 6-19-70 DATE:

A PILLS GAME=95.......6-19-70 (6+19+70=95)
ATAK on 180th symbol..........San Francisco(122)+Zodiac(58)=180
The Pig stalls deal eighth soel slain.........The unsolved (If I'm not mistaken) 6-19-70 case

I would also add that the 6-26-70 Zodiac communication, if that is correct, closes with a sentence that adds up to 360 in numbers-for-letters, if I'm not mistaken. (The sentence referring to a man in a parked car and possibly alluding to the 6-19-70 case). I believe that Zodiac was responsible for the 6-19-70 case, did allude to it in the 6-26-70 communication, in my opinion, and also did intentionally craft a closing sentence in the 6-26-70 communication that added up to 360 as part of the numerical game I believe he played to allude to revolution(revolt) with once around a circle(revolution).
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