Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Sun Oct 23, 2016 4:49 am

So, concerning that Hercules-signed communication, in my opinion, it could be alluding to the puzzles or otherwise cryptic clues that I believe are included in the Zodiac communications. (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?) (Did Ted Kaczynski study the Zodiac case and possibly suspect that the real Zodiac was using his name to misdirect with puzzles and cryptic clues in his communications?) What are in quotations have a numbers-for-letters(A=1, B=2, Z=26 etc.) of:

(I'm putting next to your name....) 339
(.....a very bad grade)113

113 is one/third of 339

In the 3-22-71 possible Zodiac communication:

ATT. Paul Averly=174
Zodiac=58 (one/third of 174)

So, in my opinion, I believe what's in quotations is alluding to the possible 3-22-71 puzzle that resulted in:


I believe that (possible) puzzle was intentionally quite a comprehensive effort to mark Zodiac's last or otherwise parting communication.

The word (QUOTATIONS) has a numbers-for-letters of 151 which is the same as the word REVOLUTION:


I believe that Zodiac did something numerically similar with the LOCATIONS in the Zodiac case:

VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135x2=270 (Vallejo twice)

I believe Zodiac completed these numbers with another San Francisco location to get 360 and by using THE SIERRAS(122) as his 180 location result.

As far as this Hercules-signed note possibly alluding to Freedom Club, there is:

(LEAF)ED (F)RANTI(C)ALLY, and possibly an alluding to the word CLUB with the signing of Hercules. (Is there possibly anything cryptic about the use of the word putting, a different variation that is?)

Speaking of Hercules and how, in my opinion, the first four letters of the Zodiac 340 cipher are HERC, the first seven HERCEAN, which I believe is alluding to the word Herculean: I have theorized that possibly there is a cryptic puzzle associated with that, the first sentence of what I believe is the 340 cipher solution:


With that I believe Zodiac is playing a word game associated with (raising Cain-raising Hell). In other words, I believe Zodiac was opining there was word play with Mr. Caen's job and name. And I believe Zodiac was saying that his own name had a variation of CAIN:


(K)(A)CZ(Y)(N)SKI (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?)

So, as for there possibly being a puzzle associated with the 340 cipher's first sentence, it might look like this:


(HERCEAN)(TASK)(ZODIAC)(CAEN CAIN KAYN): 29 letters(THEEODRE KAAAAAACCCCZYNNNNSKII) but only 14 different letters: (DR. THEO KACZYNSI) (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?)

Or maybe just:


(HERC) (TASK) (ZODIAC) (KAYN), 18 letters anagrams to (DR. THEO KAAACCZYNSKI)

Or maybe with the use of (HERC) for Hercules and because the sentence uses: (HERC)(EANB)I (GIVE)(THEM)(HELL)TOO(ALSO?), Zodiac was implying that the word (I) equals ZODIAC, and then only the first four letters of ZODIAC(ZODI) are used for the possible puzzle?

(HERC) EANB (TASK) (ZODI)ac GIVE THEM HELL ALSO? (KAYN)................. from (K)(A)CZ(Y)(N)SKI

In other words, with HERC(alluding to Hercules), Zodiac is then shortened to (ZODI)AC. The result is FOUR of four letter cryptic clues in parenthesis:


(HERC) (TASK) (ZODI) (KAYN), 16 letters anagrams to (DR. THEO KAACZYNSKI)(did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?)
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:21 pm

Perhaps the simplest possibility is:


(HERCEAN TASK I ZODIAC): different letters are, if I'm not mistaken: THEODR KACZNSI

I don't know though. It's probably not a very solid possibility as is, in my estimation, unless something can be added to complete it? I just thought I'd take a look at it. I believe that Zodiac did intentionally start out with (HERCEAN) to approx. HERCULEAN, possibly going so far as to provide the (UL) at the start of LINE 11, or the second half of the cipher. (perhaps Zodiac originally intended on sending in the cipher in 2 parts?)

I also believe that Zodiac was playing a last name word game with the first line...I Give Them Hell Too, and possibly this could be a clue that the real Zodiac's last name could in some way be similarly word game associated to his choice of an opening line?
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