Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:56 am

The idea that possibly the real Zodiac knew of Ted Kaczynski and cryptically alluded to his date of birth as a way to misdirect is something I first considered was possibly hidden in the 4-20-70 communication and its 13 symbol code. The April 20th date, if I'm not mistaken, is the month and day of birth of an infamous historical person. The number 110, in my opinion, was alluded to in the code 3 times. One was because (110) is the numbers-for-letters of the infamous historical person's name(Adolf(38)+Hitler(72)=110), if I'm not mistaken. Two, because 2 of the 3 symbols (that aren't letters) add up to (110):(ZODIAC(58)+ARIES(52)). And three, because, if I'm not mistaken, April 20th is the (110th day) of the year(for 1970, not on a Leap Year). I also believe that the number (5) was prominent in that only (5) symbols were needed to result in the (15) letters that anagrammed to : FROM TED KACZYNSI, unless I'm mistaken. And also (500) was the numbers-for-letters total of the 13 symbols after translating the symbols to their suggested words, if I'm not mistaken. So, in considering these numbers that were possibly alluded to(and a possible date of birth angle): the month and day for April 20th(4-20) and the numbers 5 and 110; was possibly the real Zodiac alluding to Ted Kaczynski's date of birth because: 110=(5x22) and the(4-20)date of communication: (5x22-4-2)0? (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski and misdirect?)

So, in the 3/22/71 communication with numbers-for-letters totals of 522(ATT. PAUL AVERLY(1)=CHRONICLE(2)=ZODIAC(3)) and 422(the listing of papers) and a 3-22 mailing date of the communication, if I'm not mistaken, was Ted Kaczynski's date of birth (522-42)2-322 cryptically alluded to? What's additionally interesting concerning this possibility, in my opinion, is considering the numbers when continuing with the puzzle that I believe Zodiac created:

ATT. PAUL AVERLY(1)=CHRONICLE(2)=ZODIAC(3) (174=174=174)=522

Change the letter L in CHRONICLE to a letter K(not at random but because of what I see as a faint letter K penned in with the letter L?)


ATT. PAUL AVERLY=MR. THEO KACZYNSKI (10,10,10,10,20,20,0,10,20,0,10,0,10,10,20)(shift)


So, what started out as a 522 total with (ATT. PAUL AVERLY(1)=CHRONCILE(2)=ZODIAC(3) (174=174=174)=522

that was then put together with the listing of papers total(422), (522-42)2

is now a 502 total (251+251)

So, instead of (52242)2, it would be (502(total)-422(listing of papers), which, if I'm not mistaken, anagrams to Ted Kaczynski's date of birth: 05-22-42 ?
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby akwilks on Tue May 05, 2015 4:52 pm

Very interesting. I think the evidence shows Ted definitely used letters for numbers as part of his Unabomber codes, and that very likely Zodiac also used letters for numbers as part of his cryptic messages, as you have shown. I don't know if or how often Zodiac or Ted would use letters for numbers outside of those contexts. but I will post something here for us to look at and consider. We looked at it before, very briefly, but I still think there is more to this message, I just cant figure out what! Could letters for numbers be a part of it? Some other type of code? A word game? A pun or allusion? Anyway I will post it and Kite and others may consider it at their discretion. I am buying the book so if there is more to the message I will post it.

I made a mistake. A long time ago I said that Ted as a teenager had signed a letter as HERCULES, as that is what I had heard. But apparently that is wrong. He did indeed sign a letter as HERCULES, but it was in 1985. I have a fragment of it. I don't know what it means but it is interesting!

It was addressed to Professor Louis De Branges. The FBI says the letter was never sent, as I guess they found this version in Ted's cabin, though I wonder if Ted may have sent a copy. De Branges is one of the greatest mathematicians in the world. He solved one of the greatest unsolved math problems in history in 1984 (the year before Ted wrote to him or thought about writing to him) when he proved the Bieberbach Conjecture. As a student at U of M a prof presented his class with a historically famous unsolved problem, and Ted solved it and won a prize, just like De Branges would with a harder problem 20 years later.

Later De Branges became controversial when he claimed to ahve solved the Holy Grail/Mt. Everest of unsolved math problems, the Riemann Hypothesis. I guess if you are in a bar full of mathematicians and want to start some shit say that De Branges solved the Riemann Hypothesis and watch some fights break out. It concerns the value of zero and prime numbers and is still considered by most as unsolved. And I really don't understand it!

The fragment by Ted below is weird. Ted got outstanding grades and won prizes, so the story he relates to my knowledge is made up. But maybe there was one teacher who gave him a bad grade.

I don't think Ted would have wanted to kill De Branges. De Branges like Ted was involved with pure math, not really technology. I don't know why he wrote him this letter or what it means. Speculation here but De Branges had just solved a very difficult math problem. The message to him is signed HERCULES, which almost matches the Raw Graysmith opening decode of the Zodiac 340. Coincidence?

***** ***** *****


The teacher took out a book, leafed through it frantically, and found what he was looking for..."I'm putting next to your name," he continued, opening his booklet, "a very bad grade." Since then, this little error has always pursued me. It has ruined my career.


***** ***** *****

***** ***** *****

Does anyone have any thoughts on this, what it means?

ThebigZ computer probability study show that about 6% of 8 letter words will 0369 Caesar shift to 8 of the letters in KACZYNSKI. This alias is one of them:

3 6-9-36-9 9 0

TRAV1ST said:

It looks like one of those verbal riddles except turned into a kind of super mathematician's in-joke. Implying A is a very bad grade. For it just to be in riddle form though it should have asked the question, what was the grade?

Another could be "what was the name" the answer being "Avery" with the letter error being the 'a' with a space after. Referring to Avery as a letter error who has always pursed him and ruined his career.

If the name HERCULES is to be included as the name referred to I can't think of anyway to incorporate that into the riddle, if it was one.

AK: Next to your name. AVERY. Bad grade. This little error. Always pursued me. Ruined my career. //// Could the little error be AverLy? Good catch Trav.


The fragment is from the Don Foster book "Author Unknown". I am now going to buy it.

One source had it as "letter error" but another, more reliable, has it as "little error" about the letter. But the wrongly spelled AVERLY could be a little error as well. Or is he saying AVERY is a "bad grade" and a "little error"? Why would Ted Kaczynski think Avery was "always pursuing" him and that he "ruined" his "career" His career as the Zodiac? Because of Avery exposing the possible Riverside connection of the Bates murder to Zodiac? Because of Avery continuing to investigate and write about the Zodiac case?

This is all speculation of course.

David said Ted was an expert scrabble player, and enjoyed puns, word games and puzzles. And Ted made codes at a young age, including hiding the 18 letters of his name in a musical composition.

Ted was wanted for Unabomber crimes in 1985. So he wouldn't write a letter unless it had meaning to him IMO. De Branges was just in the papers for solving a previously unsolved math problem.

Ted is playing some kind of game in this letter I just can't figure it out.

The first 3 letters in the raw Zodiac 340 are HER. The raw Graysmith proposed solution has the opening as HERCEANBI. Those 9 letters Caesar shift to KACZYNSKI.

3 6-9-3-6 0 0 9 6

Previously Kite said:

I don't really see aything special or otherwise especially cryptic in that Hercules note. Perhaps allusion to Freedom Club or FC, maybe? Such as the word: FRANTICALLY. It's ELEVEN letters like FREEDOM CLUB with the FC: (F)ranti(C)ally. And what is done FRANTICALLY? LEAFED. Possibly word play alluding to NATURE. And what is being put next to the name? A GRADE? What kind of GRADE? BAD GRADE. BAD has three of the letter grades:(ABD) What are the remaining two?>>> (FC). And then finally the signature HERCULES and Hercules had a CLUB.
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Fri May 08, 2015 8:18 pm

Somewhat interesting, in my opinion and if I'm not mistaken, is that the first part of what is said by the teacher is it? has a numbers for letters of 339 and the second part is 113, or one-third of the first part.
"I'm putting next to your name"=339
"a very bad grade"=113

Another possibility concerning numbers-for-letters is that "a very bad grade"=F
An F, using a dash, is put next to KACZYNSKI (Kaczynski-F)
Using numbers-for-letters:
Kaczynski(119)-(minus)F(6)=(113)="a very bad grade"=113

So, in other words, I haven't really noticed anything comprehensive or otherwise compelling, in my opinion, but I'll look it over some more.
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Mon May 11, 2015 12:09 pm

After looking it over some more, I now believe that this note was constructed so as to allude to the puzzles or hidden puzzles in the Zodiac communications.

(did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski and misdirect?)

A VERY BAD GRADE is separated from the beginning of the sentence. (I'm putting next to your NAME......... a very bad grade)

(A VERY BAD GRADE) is 13 letters and follows the word NAME. (A VERY BAD GRADE) has, if I'm not mistaken:

3 letter A
2 letter E
2 letter R
2 letter D
1 V
1 Y
1 B
1 G

The Zodiac 13 symbol code is written after... My NAME is---
If I'm not mistaken, there are:

3 symbols similar to an 8
2 letter A
2 letter N
2 letter M
1 Zodiac symbol
1 letter E
1 letter K
1 similar to an Aries symbol

On Line 3 of the Zodiac 340 cipher, there is a 13 symbol section translated to(ILUESHTHEOLHS) that is followed by See a NAME:
If I'm not mistaken, there are:

3 letter H
2 letter L
2 letter E
2 letter S
1 letter I
1 letter U
1 letter T
1 letter O

These 13 can be (0-3-6-9) shifted to ZCAK NY THEO IKS (9,9,6,6,6,6,0,0,0,0,3,3,0), if I'm not mistaken on any of that.

So, if I'm not mistaken, all three of these are a 13 letter series with the same amounts of letters used(3,2,2,2,1,1,1,1 pattern), and all have the word NAME nearby.

And, as has been noted, AVERY (A VERY bad grade) are the first 5 letters of the 13. I believe this was alluding to what I believe was a hidden puzzle in the 3/22/71 Zodiac communication(I believe it was a Zodiac communication). In that communication, ATT. PAUL AVERLY=CHRONICLE was written. I believe that this, (using numbers-for-letters), led to the result:


So, that means that ZODIAC(58) is one-third of ATT. PAUL AVERLY(174).

In the note, if I'm not mistaken, A VERY BAD GRADE(113) is one-third of: I'M PUTTING NEXT TO YOUR NAME(339).

The signing of HERCULES, I believe was alluding to the Zodiac 340 cipher and the first 7 letters translating to, in my opinion, (HERCEAN). The first 2 letters of the 11th line, in my opinion, translate to (UL). Put together, that's (HERCULEAN). I believe that with this, Zodiac was saying that it would be quite a task to solve his cipher. (I believe that possibly Zodiac originally intended on having his 340 cipher separated into TWO 10 Line sections)
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby akwilks on Sat May 16, 2015 4:48 pm

Very interesting. Thanks for taking a look. if I can develop more on this I will post it. But you find some interesting things and I agree there is a possible tie in to the 340.

Over here viewtopic.php?f=14&t=96&p=2392#p2392 I posted a new letter from TK in which he uses the term "fiddle around" just as Zodiac did.
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Thu May 21, 2015 9:40 pm

Yes, that is a very interesting similar use of (fiddle around), in my opinion. Possibly compelling when considered with other writing comparisons of Kaczynski and Zodiac? In my opinion, their handwriting is similar.

Something else to consider concerning the numbers-for letters of 113 and 339, if I'm not mistaken. 113 is one-third of 339, if I'm not mistaken. When including the middle number of 226:


Reading the numbers down, they are:


So, possibly those numbers were used to also allude to the points on a Zodiac symbol and number shifts possibly used by Zodiac in codes, ciphers, or otherwise hidden messages?
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:38 am

If I'm not mistaken:

"I'm putting next to your name"=339, numbers-for-letters: (A=1,B=2,Z=26 etc.)
"a very bad grade"=113

113 is one-third of 339 or, in other words, "a very bad grade" is one-third of "I'm putting next to your name", if I'm not mistaken.

In my opinion, "a very bad grade" is alluded to the letter grade of "F".

So, I think part of the possible puzzle here is that (following the word NAME):

"a very bad grade"(113)+F(6)=119, matching the numbers-for-letters in KACZYNSKI(119).
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:59 am

Concerning the Zodiac August, 1969 communication's use of the semi-colon-centered sentence, if I'm not mistaken:

(If not tell them to cheer up; when they do crack it they will have me.)

The left side of the semi-colon has a numbers-for-letters(a=1, b=2, z=26, etc.)of 270, if I'm not mistaken.
The right side of the semi-colon has a numbers-for-letters of 360, unless I'm mistaken.

I believe there are many examples of Zodiac alluding to the numbers (90,180,270,360) because if I'm not mistaken, they are the numbers in degrees at the points or directions of a circle. Zodiac, in my opinion, was alluding to revolution(revolt) because, if I'm not mistaken, once around a circle or 360 degrees is a revolution, unless I'm mistaken on that. For example, the first four Zodiac dates:

SAN FRANCISCO(122)+ZODIAC(58)=180.......10/11/69=(90)
VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135x2 (2 Vallejo dates)=270........12/20/68=(100) 7/4/69=(80)

Zodiac then, in my opinion, used the 6/19/70=(95) date and location, if I'm not mistaken, and also the date and location for 9/6/70(85) to complete the numerical game that I believe he played. (resulting with 90-180-270-360 around the circle and the number string 80-85-90-95-100-105) But all of that and more is covered in this topic.

So, back to the August, 1969 Zodiac communication and the semi-colon-centered sentence. Could it only be a coincidence that those numbers resulted(270 and 360) on either side of the semi-colon, or was Zodiac able to successfully navigate the friction of mathematical restriction in his selection of diction and, without resorting to silly spelling slips, still craft a succinctly sensible, solidly-structured, semi-colon-centered sentence?

I believe it was entirely intentional and I don't believe it was all that difficult either. I gave the example of:

Difficult? (90)
Too difficult of a deed? (180)
Is it really too difficult (270)
Or is it really a somewhat simple deed? (360)

Unless I'm mistaken, that's 90-180-270-360. This I did in about a half an hour and without pen and paper. It was no problem.

So, what I'm doing now is what I usually do: Repeat something I've already covered for the sake of setting up something I noticed new.

I believe that the semi-colon-centered sentence is much more comprehensively clueing in than I, at first, realized.

Why do I say that? Because the numbers-for-letters for the word SEMI-COLON, if I'm not mistaken is 105.


So that means that the sentence:


translates to, in numbers-for-letter, if I'm not mistaken:


Because this communication is from August 1969, that means that only the Vallejo dates had taken place up to this point, if I'm not mistaken. The Vallejo dates, within the LOCATIONS part of the game that I believe Zodiac played, add up to 270:

VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135x2(the two Vallejo dates)=270

The number 105 would be the next date: 9/27/69 (9+27+69)=105

So, I believe that Zodiac used numbers-for letters in his semi-colon-sentence to allude to the game that I believe he played.
270 was the LOCATIONS total for Vallejo.
105 was the total for the addition of his next date (9-27-70).
360 was the goal of the game, in my estimation. Zodiac was alluded to revolution(revolt), in my opinion.

So, I believe Zodiac used the numbers-for-letters in this particular sentence to clue in on both the LOCATIONS and addition of dates parts of the numerical game that I believe he created.
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Tue Mar 22, 2016 10:45 am

Looking at the desktop poem, possibly Zodiac if I'm not mistaken and possibly associated with the 1966 Riverside case and looking at the possible signature or otherwise close of the poem, the lower case letters.... (rh). To my way of looking at things, they seem meant, possibly, to imply the initials of a name and, if so, why aren't they capitalized letters, even if they were only penned to mislead? My opinion is that (rh) are not initials and that the use of lower case letters implies that they were meant to be multiplied. In other words, (r) is the 18th letter of the alphabet; (h) is the 8th letter. (18x8)=(144). This number interests me because the poem writer, possibly Zodiac unless I'm mistaken, mentions the word TIME twice near the end of the poem and, in fact, TIME is the poem's last word, if I'm not mistaken, before the (rh).

Q. KITE, why do you find the number 144 interesting as it possibly associates to the word TIME as you seem to imply?

A. There are possible interesting numerical associations with the word TIME and the number 144.(All of the following possible numerical associations are if I'm not mistaken in my calculations-KITE) For example, there are 1440 minutes in a day. Of course, rxh=144 and not 1440, but perhaps the 144 possible result following time was 144 minutes? That's 2 hours and 24 minutes or 2.4 hours or 10 percent of a day or 24 hours. Another possible result, possible more interesting, of (rxh=144) following the word TIME, is (144 hours). (Of course, r and h are two of the letters in the word HOURS.) 144 hours is SIX days. (Here, I should mention that I believe part of a possible TIME angle with the poem and (rxh=144), in my opinon, is the possible association of a clockface to a circle, In other words, I believe Zodiac already used a circle with 15,30,45,60(like a clock) at the direction points instead of 90,180,270,360 as part of the numerical game that I believe Zodiac created.) If 144 hours(8640 minutes), if I'm not mistaken, were put on a circle using (90,180,270,360), there would be 24 revolutions(8640 divided by 360). In other words, SIX days would be reduced to ONE day, if I'm not mistaken. So, I'm currently still looking over these possibilities concerning (rxh=144) and the word TIME?
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:01 pm

Well, I've thought it over and I may have stumbled across something interesting. Very interesting, in my opinion. With TIME being the final word in the poem before (rh), I believe it was meant as (time=rh). The letters r and h could be revolution and hours; the idea that an hour is a revolution around the circle of a clock. When the numbers-for-letters of the letters are multiplied: (r(18)xh(8)=144), the result is 144.

144 hours is SIX days. So, is it possible that Zodiac was in the library and wrote this poem SIX days before 10-30-66?(I realize Zodiac may not have written the poem.) I mean that sort of literally too; would Zodiac have been able to access the library on that day? The poem says...(just wait till next time. rh). If that closing is cryptically communicating that Zodiac will be back in SIX days, that the NEXT TIME will be in SIX days, that could place him in the library, writing the poem on 10-24-66.

The reason that 10-24-66 is very interesting to me, in my estimation, is that the date adds up to an even 100: (10+24+66=100). And it's not just that; the April 30, 1967 Riverside notes were signed with a letter (Z) or at least thought to be. The numbers-for-letters for RIVERSIDE(109)+Z(26)=135.

THE LOCATION and ADDITION OF DATES numbers match the first LOCATION and ADDITION OF DATES in the Zodiac case, at least according to the numerical game that I believe Zodiac created:

12-20-68 (12+20+68=100), VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135 (halfway to 270)
10-24-66 (10+24+66=100), RIVERSIDE(109)+Z(26)=135

So, was Zodiac possibly looking to start the game I believe he eventually created and began on 12-20-68, on 10-24-66, using the letter Z(26), and not yet ZODIAC(58), because he could get 135 when adding it to RIVERSIDE's(109)? Perhaps he had no opportunity to act on that date and instead angrily wrote the poem with a cryptic hinting of returning in SIX days?
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