Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:10 pm

What follows are my opinions of the game I believe Zodiac was playing. I believe the real Zodiac used the Ted Kaczynski name. I believe it all begins with how closely ZYNSKI and ZODIAC match up. The middle of Z(ODIA)C, those 4 are all EXACTLY TEN LESS than the middle of Z(YNSK)I.
GEMINI ZODIAC is found in a (0,10,20,30) Caesar shift from KACZYNSKI, and Kaczynski's sign was Gemini:
KAC*YNS=GEM*INI (-30,+30,+10,+10,0,-10)
ZYNSKI=ZODIAC (0,-10,-10,-10,-10,+20)
The Zodiac signs himself with his 12 pointed Zodiac symbol which can visually interpreted as a zodiac circle from astrology, if I'm not mistaken, the twelve signs are put into a circle each representing 30 degrees, but I may have to brush up on that a bit. So, in using (0,10,20,30) that can be put on the 4 points of the Zodiac symbol. It is my opinion that well before Zodiac struck on 12/20/68, he had the game he intended to play worked out. Here's what I think he did:
He took 6 signs of the zodiac and added their numbers-for-letters to the word ZODIAC's numbers-for-letters.
(Numbers-for-letters are just a letter's number position in the alphabet. For example Z(26)O(15)D(4)I(9(A(1)C(3)=26+15+4+9+1+3=58(ZODIAC=58)
These are the ONLY SIX signs that when adding ZODIAC(58) to them will be a multiple of FIVE result. The reason for this I believe is that because when you mark these numbers(90,100,110,115,155,165) to the points they will fall on on a multiple of FIVE Zodiac symbol, in other words 0-60, the points they fall on are 6,7,8,9,10,11.(You will have to go around the circle once(clock 60) to get 90,100,110,115) and twice(clock 120) to get 155,165) That is an amazingly aberrational working out of numbers because then when you line up the points thru the center of the circle to their opposite counterpart, those are all unmarked points and so all of the circle's points are all lined up, or in other words you might say the circle is completed. So, in concert with this, I believe Zodiac intentionally struck on(or otherwise alluded to) dates that when added up would mimic this result of a complete circle.
3/22/70=95 (potential victim escaped)
I think, ideally, Zodiac would have liked to match the exact points on a multiple of five Zodiac symbol as the SIX SIGNS points. In other words, (90,95,100,105,110,115) would exactly match the points of those SIX SIGNS(6,7,8,9,10,11) on a multiple of five Zodiac symbol. However 115 is not possible as a date, not in the years 68,69, or 70. (12/31/70=113). (85 thru 110) is possible but only leaves a very few dates for 110. So, I believe Zodiac decided to mimic the SIX SIGN complete circle result by using(80-85-90-95-100-105) because just like the SIX SIGNS result, when lines are drawn thru the center, the circle is complete. In other words, as long as you have 6 points in a row, their unmarked counterparts will line up thru the center.
In my opinion, this guy, Zodiac, is showing off in his abilities to put this all together. It's like he's punning with numbers.
To go along with this, a continuation of the zodiac circle and numbers, Zodiac, I believe, was mindful of the numbers-for-letters in the locations he struck in. I believe that well before he struck on 12/20/68, he had figured out that in numbers-for-letters:
VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135 (135X2)=270

So those(90,180,270) are POINTS on a(zodiac) circle. So I believe he intentionally mapped out his locations by numbers-for-letters and he knew he had to stike TWICE in Vallejo for the 270 result. With SIX signs and SIX dates and with acting TWICE in Vallejo to get the 270 result I believe the math it shows is that Zodiac was after a 90-180-270-360 result. In other words:
1. 90 NAPA
2. 180 ?(Lake Tahoe Areas)
3. 135 Vallejo
4. 135 Vallejo (Vallejo=270)
5. 180 San Francisco
6. 180 San Francisco (San Francisco=360)

By this you would have:
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:36 pm

Now, you might be questioning this LAKE TAHOE AREAS thing? LAKE TAHOE AREAS=122+ZODIAC(58)=180. I believe that Zodiac resorted to using a location numbers-for-letters he essentially made up to accomodate the completion of his game. But, here's why I believe that happened. I believe Zodiac had his SIX locations already figured out even before 12/20/68. Here is what I believe he originally planned on happening:
1. Vallejo (12/20/68)
2. Vallejo=270 (7/4/69)
3. NAPA=90 (9/27/69)
4. San Francisco (10/11/69)
5. Modesto, Calif.=122+ZODIAC(58)=180 (or possibly otherwise he planned to drive his intended victim to another location that was (122) but not San Francisco).(3/22/70)
6. San Francisco=360(6/19/70)

I put the dates only to make it easier to follow but not because I believe Zodiac had the exact dates he would strike on set in stone, only that he wanted the result of 80-85-90-95-100-105. However, I believe he intentionally struck on July 4th as a promotion of REVOLUTION. Going around a CIRCLE once is called a REVOLUTION. So, that would be a variation of punning--with numbers and association. I believe Zodiac felt that if he put pressure on society with his murderous actions, he could possibly spark a revolt, revolution. If you'll notice by what I believe was Zodiac's original plan(altered by 3/22/70 I believe), 6/19/70 was to be Zodiac's SIXTH and final homicide in the series, in my opinion. So, I believe Zodiac was essentially an anarchist promoting revolution and I believe it's possible he intended on killing a police officer as his final act in his demented game of murderous insanity.
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:11 pm

Now, let's look at the two Zodiac communications, 11-8-69 and 11-9-69. At the bottom of the 11-9-69, you have a Zodiac symbol with 5 X's marked on what would be the 6,8,9,10,11 points. When you put that in the context of the game I'm suggesting Zodiac is playing, it matches up with FIVE of the SIX SIGNS points and the 4 dates that Zodiac has struck on and warns of the next date. So, I believe that that Zodiac symbol is a multiples of FIVE Zodiac circle and the 5 X's match the SIX SIGNS(with one not marked but being in the future): Here's what I mean:
ARIES(52)+ZODIAC(58)=110(POINT 10): 12/20/68=100
LEO(32)+ZODIAC(58)=90(POINT 6): 7/4/69=80
GEMINI(57)+ZODIAC(58)=115(POINT 11): 9/27/69=105
LIBRA(42)+ZODIAC(58)=100(POINT 8): 10/11/69=90

So, POINT 9 is also marked with an X and POINT 9 would be a 95 and that's exactly what follows with 3/22/70=95. And not only that but when the intended victim escapes on 3/22/70, the next date Zodiac claims is another 95, with 6/19/70=95, possibly seeming to validate the game I'm suggesting Zodiac is playing. In other words, he had to go after 95 again. In other words, in my opinion, it all seems to tie together.
Now, looking at the bottom of the 11-8-69 communication, I believe it is entirely about clues to the game I believe Zodiac is playing. The abbreviation of the dates listed are written as DES JULY AUG SEPT OCT=7. When you add up the numbers for-letters for (DES+JULY+AUG+SEPT+OCT=223), you get 223. I believe the clue there is by doing this:
It is a clue about how you add the dates Zodiac struck on. For example 12+20+68=100.
THING is underlined with SIX LINES and also followed by SIX EXCLAMATION POINTS.
THING (T(20)H(8)I(9)N(14)G(7) (20+8+9+14+7=58)

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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:18 pm

They All Looked Up At The Amazing Sight
Of An Object Climbing Higher In Flight
And Even As It Seemed To Touch The Moon's Light
Not One Of The Spectators Felt Any Fright
For It Was Just A Lone, Shining Kite
It Was The Bright Light In A Cold Case Night
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:51 pm

Now, looking at the 6/25/68 Emmet County, Michigan unsolved case. In my opinion, there are suspicious enough parallels to the Zodiac case and possibly the game I'm suggesting Zodiac is playing, to draw interest. Keeping in mind the Gemini-Zodiac found in the (0,10,20,30) Caesar shift from the name Kaczynski and also how the first Zodiac date: (12/20/68=100) and the Vallejo location total of (270), consider these things possibly associated with the 6/25/68 Michigan case:
* A communication is sent in using the names DR. GUIDINI and ZODIUS.
* (DR.)GUIDINI is Caesar shifted from(DR.)KACZYNS by(0,0) (+30,-20,+20,-30,-10,0,+10) and that's a (0,+10,-10,+20,-20,+30,-30) pattern.
*ZODIUS is Caesar shifted from ZYNSKI by (0,-10,+10,+10,-10,-10).
*EMMET COUNTY MI=(176) + ZODIUS(94)= (270)
*EMMET County is named after a REVOLUTIONARY, if I'm not mistaken.
*I believe Zodiac used his number game to allude to and otherwise promote REVOLUTION, because going around a circle once is called a REVOLUTION.
*Zodiac may have referred to the same historical revolutionary Robert Emmet in the last 18 of the first cipher with the possible anagram:
(I ROBET EMET THE HIPIE) which can possibly be interpreted as Zodiac expressing his desire to push the people of that place and time towards a state of revolution. Of course, I only mean that insomuch as I'm attempting to analyze Zodiac's bizarre and murderous mindset.
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:08 pm

So, in putting some things together, I'm of the opinion that Zodiac sent in the 6/25/68 related communication that used ZODIUS. I'm also of the opinion that by 6/25/68, Zodiac already had plans to use the name ZODIAC with the Zodiac symbol/circle in the San Fran, CALIF. area and had already figured out most or all of the number game I've suggested he possibly played. When the numbers-for-letters for:
San Francisco(122)+Zodiac(58)=180, I think that says it all right there. In other words(lol), I believe the numbers were a lock to go forward with. So, if I believe the things I just wrote, then if the question of: (why didn't Zodiac use ZODIAC instead of ZODIUS in the 6/25/68 related communications?) is answered by: (he didn't want to use ZODIAC because he had plans(number game and publicity seeking in California)) then why did he use ZODIUS, something so similar to ZODIAC? There, that's the answer, because it was so similar to ZODIAC. I believe this ambitious publicity seeking sort of serial killer wanted acknowledgement or otherwise publicity for as many homicidal acts as he committed or otherwise falsely tried to take credit for. He wanted to keep in reserve the name ZODIAC and so with the foundation for that naming being the Caesar Ten Matches to KACZYNSKI of GEMINI/ZODIAC, he uses something similar with GUIDINI/ZODIUS, possibly and in my opinion. There would also be consistency with alluding to revolution, in my opinion. As a matter of fact, this same calculation can be entertained with the 10/30/66 Bates case. In other words, is it possible Zodiac, in 1966, already had plans to name himself Zodiac and play a number game as I've described. In other words, were the Z's signed to those Riverside communications meant to mark a trail back to the Bates case from what would be the Zodiac case in the future?
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:58 pm

So, I guess what I'm getting at is the possibility that Zodiac was keeping in reserve the ZODIAC name, the circle, and possible number games and thus marked his trail with:
10/30/66 case: follow-up communications with (Z)
6/25/68: follow-up communication with (ZODIUS)

But, consider something very interesting. What if ZODIAC, by 1966 and into 1968, had a numbers game in mind, but only so far as the LOCATIONS or otherwise he had the whole game in mind but only decided, at first, to use the LOCATIONS part of it. Meaning that he would eventually name himself Zodiac, and use a Zodiac circle with 90,180,270,360 degrees. He would use the numbers-for-letters of LOCATIONS that he would add to the numbers-for-letters of ZODIAC(58) with the idea that they would add up to (90,180,270, or 360) and promote revolution. The 10/30/66 case adds up to (106). The 6/25/68 case adds up to 99. (Is it possible it happened on 6/26/68=100?) So, the date numbers don't add up, but it's interesting to consider the possibility that Zodiac had half his game in mind for the two cases he possibly sent in communications for. 10/30/66, 6/25/68. Here's what I mean by that(in numbers-for-letters):
12/20/68: VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135
7/4/69: VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135

10/30/66: RIVERSIDE case commincations signed with a (Z)

6/25/68: case related communication signed with (ZODIUS)

If I'm not mistaken and for what it's worth: Riverside, Los Angeles, and Sacramento all have a numbers-for-letters of 109.
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:43 am

Actually, the 6 EXCLAMATION POINTS after the word THING in the 11/8/69 communication may have perhaps been a bit more of a cryptically comprehensive effort than I previously suggested: It could have been meant cryptically this way:
It might be similar to ZODIUS as a possible mix of ZODIAC and RADIUS.
Speaking of 109, on 3/17/71, if not mistaken, Zodiac sent in a communication to Los Angeles which is numbers-for-letters (109). That communication also referred to:
RIVERSIDE(109) ACTIVITY(109)(109=numbers-for-letters), arguably a strange choice of words in ACTIVITY, and with its numbers-for-letters total of 109, perhaps suspicious enough to consider intentional? And also consider how the word THING in the 11/8/69 communication referred to homicide and it matched numbers-for letters with ZODIAC=58. Here, it seems ACTIVITY refers to homicide and it matches the LOCATIONS, Riverside(109) and LA(109). Could perhaps be another numbers-for-letters clue left by Zodiac?
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:27 am

Looking at the Riverside communications signed with a Z. Keep in mind, that Z(26)+32=58=ZODIAC and above the Z is (BE MORE)=(58).
Now, considering the (Superior Table) from the memo concerning the 6/25/68 case:
SUPERIOR TABLE anagrams out to PATRIOUS REBEL, just one letter off PATRIOTS REBEL.
The use of ROEBERT with dots under EBE, also in that memo. EBE are the middle of R(EBE)L and (EBE=525) match the middle of R(EVO)LT EVO=(525)(last number of numbers-for-letters). The ancient Roman coin, the quadran?, if not mistaken, had 3 dots on some of the coins similar to EBE. ROEBERT, in my opinion, was taken from or otherwise is an anagram of ROBERT E(ROBERT EMMET), keeping in mind that, if not mistaken, Emmet County, Michigan is named after the Irish revolutionary Robert Emmet from the year 1800, or so. So, in my opinion, an effort was made to promote revolution and put EBE in order, highlight it, but I don't have a good answer for what EBE might mean, and we see EBE as the beginning of the unknown 18 that closes out the Zodiac first cipher.
EBEORIETEMETHHPITI, in my opinion, was meant as the anagram: I ROBET EMET THE HIPIE, while 0,3,6,9 Caesar shifting from TJK.
With some of this in mind and with all the possibilities for (rh), the signing of the 1966-67? Riverside desktop poem, I wonder if (revolutionary) could be the (r)?
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Re: Is This The Game Zodiac Was Playing?

Postby KITE on Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:59 am

In looking at the 1/29/74 Zodiac communication, I'm wondering if some number clues were left to possibly allude to the game I believe Zodiac was playing.
(I SAW + THINK) opens the communication.
In numbers-for-letters SAW(43)+THINK(62)=105
105 is one of the SIX numbers(80-85-90-95-100-105) (9/27/69) (9+27+69)=(105).
The misspelled SUCIDES=80 (7/4/69) (7+4+69)=(80)
(possibly interesting that Zodiac has altered the syllable(sic?)count on both lines from the original, so that both are 11, if not mistaken.)
TITWILLO is written THREE times, isn't that altered and misspelled?, if I'm not mistaken?
TITWILLO=120 in numbers-for-letters meaning that: the closing (Titwillo Titwillo Titwillo)= 360 (numbers-for-letters) A match for a complete circle which can be called a revolution. And, keep in mind that the 105 and 80 possibly left behind number clues are dates that can be associated with the American Revolution. And, for what it's worth, the numbers-for-letters for FREEDOM CLUB=104(The Unabomber's fictitious organization)(did the real Zodiac know about Kaczynski?) match the date of this Zodiac communication(1/29/74) (1+29+74)=(104).
Speaking of numbers and the possibility that the real Zodiac was misdirecting by alluding to Kaczynski.
If the possibly scrambled letters? at the bottom of the communication are meant as F.T.K( and that would be fairly straightforward with a visible F and K and then put the T together, with two periods remaining), the numbers-for-letters for FTK=37 matches with the ME-37, written to the right.
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