Postby KITE on Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:51 am

Looking at the 408 cipher for possibly hidden messages, consider Column 9 and Column 10:
L....I.... Looking at the first 13 of those two Columns as seen to the left. If you read that top to bottom on 9 and then bottom to top on 10,
I....T.... or, in other words, U-turn at the bottom to upward as you were previously going from one letter to the next downward,
G...W.... So, with this I'm wondering in the area of Norse mythology and gods like
R...E.... Hercules having a club and the Unabomber going with the
H...E... name Freedom Club? Kaczynski using Hercules
A...M... as a signature? And the 340 cipher
M...E... with its THEO DEO HERC
M...O... APOLLO JUPITER possible
R...E... allusions?
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Re: 408 CIPHER

Postby KITE on Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:33 pm

I'm wondering now if Zodiac possibly left a hidden message of sorts in the straight text of the 408, right at the end with the sentence that closes out the straight text leading to the final unknown 18? Looking at that sentence, it reads:
The first 11 letters are COLLECTINGO which anagrams to TECNOLOGICL and SLAVE is found in order after that and then take the last letters of the next 2 words: FO(R) M(Y), and so the word AFTERLIFE doesn't come into play here. In other words, section it off this way:
TECNOLOGICL SLAVERY(technological slavery?)
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Re: 408 CIPHER

Postby KITE on Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:00 pm

That section is (GAFIR AM TALL)

Interesting, but I'm guessing unintentional?

Looking at the series of words that run from Column FIVE to Column TWELVE. They are:
WAVE(5) TIDE(6) BELL(9) HEAL(10) EARN(11) TED(12).

Also in Column 6 is a series starting with the DE in TIDE. (DEMISIE) DEMISE interupted once. Column NINE also has HAMMRER, hammer interupted once. I'm guessing that perhaps all of these words were intentional. Going from Column NINE to TEN as the letters as they curl above the word HEAL is HAMMRERTHOREOEMEEWOTI. It's interesting to compare the words found in these 408 CIPHER COLUMNS with the 340 CIPHER and the words found in Columns there. The 340 cipher has Column FIVE reading (KEPT BARS LEASH). Column TEN has (ATAK LOSE). This could be a lecture that society is enslaved, KEPT IN BARS, KEPT on A LEASH and that rebelling (ATAK and LOSE) the leash is what's necessary(according to how Zodiac may see it). This is a similar message and wording to what's found in the Unabomber Manifesto. When comparing the words found in the 408 cipher to the 340 cipher, there might be a similar thing going on with both. Starting with WAVE in Column FIVE and looking at word possibilites before Column TEN, the words are: WAVE TIDE BELL DEMISE. This could be referring to the looming threat of the technolgical system(as Zodiac may see it), and then with HEAL in Column TEN, the alternative as possibly suggested by Zodiac. In other words:


If Zodiac thought he was destined to bring about REVOLUTION, perhaps partly because of how the numbers-for-letters fall into place on this:

90,180,270,360 degrees with going around a circle as a revolution.

Then these possibly hidden downward reading words might reflect this mindset. WAVE TIDE BELL DEMISE might be about Zodiac believing that society was facing a looming threat that could lead to the DEMISE of the human race(as Zodiac may see it) and that he was the one destined to remedy the situation. So, by writing HEAL, it could be word play on DOCTOR, (DR. KACZYNSKI)(did the real Zodiac know of Kaczynski?) That he would HEAL things by bringing about revolution.(Also consider the communication from the 1968 unsolved Michigan case(DR GUIDINI, YOUR PRESCRIPTION IS GOOD..... and signed ZODIUS.) Someothing similar can be entertained with the 340 cipher. KEPT IN BARS LEASH and the remedy as Zodiac might see it would be for him to ATAK and LOSE the LEASH. Perhaps Zodiac thought himself destined to be the one that led the way to REVOLUTION by him ATAKing and LOSing of the LEASH. Kaczynski, if I'm not mistaken, thought his violent actions could lead the way to revolution against the system. Did Zodiac think something similar?
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Re: 408 CIPHER

Postby akwilks on Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:29 am

Here are some vertical word finds discovered in the Zodiac 408 by Doug Oswell, Zander Kite and myself. Of course all of these could be random white noise.

BUT...they do all occur in a fairly concentrated area on or near the word PARADICE, most between six lines and between columns 5 and 13. These include TED, TEASE, HEAL, EARN. And the Halloween Card introduces the idea of PARADICE intersecting vertically with a horizontal SLAVES. Here PARADICE is intersected vertically by several words.

Several also have a nautical theme - WAVE, TIDE, BELL. (Bells were used on early light houses, rocks and buoys to warn ships). Ted's favorite writer was Joseph Conrad, a former sailor who wrote nautical tales, and who cited Marryat as a key influence on him. Doug Oswell noted a short story by Frederick Marryat called "The Legend of Bell Rock" that had all three elements in the key concluding page, featuring a man who could not earn enough money to win the hand of his love and dies because of the absence of a warning bell on an ocean rock and the woman who loved him "plunging into the wave" at tide.

Similar to the Mikado line quoted by Zodiac, "he plunged into the billowy wave" and the Zodiac line "help me I'm drownding". And all of these remind of the short story "Ship of Fools" written by Ted K, concerning a ship sinking and everyone drowning.


Now this gets a little twisty, and thus more prone to possible coincidence, but Doug Oswell also found:



And I found a twisty:


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Re: 408 CIPHER

Postby KITE on Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:02 am

I think that SHORE is likely a cryptic recovery, in my opinion, although I would recommend this:
Expand on SHORE to include the letters NO.

NO SHORE fits in well with (WAVE TIDE BELL DEMISE) and the Kaczynski Ship Of Fools short story. NO SHORE, in my opinon, are matching words for what was perhaps the symbolic sea theme that Zodiac may have been attempting to allude to with the possibly hidden words in the 408 cipher and elsewhere in his communications? SOF, the acronym for Ship Of Fools runs horizontally using the letter O in NO, whether coincidence or not? It's interesting the way NO SHORE matches the TWIST of HAMMRERTHOR found TWISTING right above the vertical HEAL. (It even rhymes). That might demonstrate that the TWIST was used instead of what would have probably been the more difficult task of using DIAGONAL words. So perhaps there are more twists to find or perhaps they've all been found?
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Re: 408 CIPHER

Postby KITE on Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:33 pm

Looking at the SECOND 17x8 section, If I'm not mistaken, it ends with the last two symbols (IM). Cryptically considering it as I'M (I AM):, I then looked at the first 9 symbols(the number of letters in KACYZNKSI) that are letters(symbol-letters) in the next line or otherwise the first line in the THIRD 17x8 section. That result, if I'm not mistaken, is:


So, with that, and looking for I'M: KACZYNSKI (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?), those 9, unless I'm mistaken, have 6 in common(KACZNS) with KACZYNSKI and 3 that don't match(EFP):


So, I proceeded to see if those non-matching 3 symbols (E)(F)(P) could be Caesar-shifted using (3,6,9) since the six(KACZNS) already match or otherwise could be a zero on the Caesar-shift(0-3-6-9).

I'M: K......A......C.......Z.......(P)......N.......S......(E)......(F)......
I'M: 0......0......0.......0......(+9).....0........0....(+6).....(+3).....
I'M: K......A......C.......Z........Y.......N........S.......K........I.......

I'M: KACZYNSKI? (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski and misdirect?)
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Re: 408 CIPHER

Postby KITE on Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:23 pm

I was going to continue with the above post and point out that the I'M KACZYNSKI possible cryptic recovery using the last line of the second 17x8 and the first line of the third 17x8, and a (0-3-6-9) Caesar shift, is doubly suspicious, in my opinion, when considering it's in the area of the cluster of possibly intentionally placed, downward-reading, four letter, words: WAVE TIDE BELL HEAL EARN. There is also the three letter word or name: TED.

It could be part of my recently suggested possible cryptic recovery in that HEAL, EARN, TED are close together and when added to (I'M KACZYNSKI), might make the possibly hidden message.. (I'm Dr. Ted Kaczynski).
(did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?)

But, while looking at all of this, I noticed something that's possibly a colossally compelling hidden message. But I don't know if it's been noticed before or not? AK, you might know if it's been noticed before?

AK, if I'm not mistaken, in the (The Case For Kaczynski As The Zodiac) topic, you wrote about a Kaczynski quote, was it? Summer of 1966?:

(Just then there came a major turning point in my life. Like a Phoenix, I burst from the ashes of my despair to a glorious new hope.)-Ted Kaczynski 1966?

Does this not concern Greek mythology and a bird that is reborn?


Ted and reborn are found like that in the 3 part cipher!

However, keep in mind that the word THAT, with the last letter T being the T in the downward TED is an "error", spelled THAE, unless I'm mistaken. In other words, it's one of the three "error" words that end with a vowel(dangeroue,thae,sloi). Does that make it even more compelling?
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Re: 408 CIPHER

Postby KITE on Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:03 pm

I'm wondering now if perhaps the first Zodiac cipher was first worked on in 1966?

(did the real Zodiac know of Kaczynski and his thoughts in 1966 and later years?)

At any rate, it could have been worked on first in 1968 or 1969 and the following observation would still be exceptional, in my opinion:

I would like to compare what I believe are Kaczynski's words from 1966, unless I'm mistaken, to a section from the Zodiac cipher:

Kaczynski, 1966: (Just then there came a major turning point in my life. Like a Phoenix, I burst from the ashes of my despair to a glorious new hope.)

Zodiac cipher, 1969:


In my opinion, the Kaczynski quote matches up well with the possible message from that cipher section with the downward words:
Allowing, however that EARN was meant as URN, in my opinion. (similar to, in my opinion, the 340's use of ATAK for ATTACK.)
WAVE, TIDE, BELL could be turmoil or otherwise symbolic stormy seas as possibly Kaczynski suggests with his use of the word "despair".
HEAL, EARN(URN?), and the crossing of TED and REBORN compared to: (Like a Phoenix, I burst from the ashes of my despair to a glorious new hope.)
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Re: 408 CIPHER

Postby akwilks on Tue Jan 27, 2015 5:36 pm


As usual following with interest your work Kite. Busy with work, life and some other non-crime writing projects so I may be checking in here a little less frequently than usual but still checking in when I can. The graphic above is an attempt to illustrate your idea.

Yes Ted did say in 1966 that he was like a Phoenix from the ashes, when he decided that instead of killing himself, he would "really kill everyone I hate." So certainly the concept of being reborn is there. And of course in the 408 message Z says he will be reborn in Paradice.

So it as least somewhat interesting that the vertical word find of TED occurs right through that REBORN, along with other potentially relevant vertical word finds. On the flip side critics would no doubt point out that TED is only three letters, and thus more likely to happen by chance than say a five letter word. But the TED occurs, as you note, at a critical part of the message, both for Zodiac (reborn in Paradice) and Ted (reborn as a Phoenix from the ashes). Also, there are other four letter vertical word finds (WAVE, TIDE, BELL) and as Doug first pointed out, I think, with others found by Kite and myself, several have a thematic connection to nautical events in general and stormy waters in particular. Being reborn HEALs him, and EARN could be a play on URN of ASHES as you note and/or a hint at LEARN or EARNing slaves in Paradice? Above there is also a five letter TEASE which seems an apt description of Zodiac if there are hidden clues and word finds in his codes as we propose.

This is the background for Ted saying the Phoenix line.

In the summer of 1966, most likely late August/early September 1966, Ted Kaczynski records a break through moment in his life. He is a genius, yet socially alienated and isolated. He describes hearing the sound of couples having sex in the apartment next door to his, and he says it fills him with frustration and anger. Out of despair and self described "acute sexual starvation", he records in his journal that instead of killing himself he will "really kill everyone I hate."

The people he says he hates and wants to kill are many, but they include two distinct groups. One group is what he calls "bigshots" or "government officials", and these include "scientists", "big businessmen", "politicians" and "police".

The other group of people he hated and wanted to kill included love making "couples", "rowdy college students" and those college men and women he deems "promiscuous". Look at the government psychiatric report on Kaczynski done after he was arrested for the Unabomber crimes:

In the summer after his fourth year [of graduate school, the summer of 1966], he describes experiencing a period of several weeks where he was sexually excited nearly all the time and was fantasizing himself as a woman and being unable to obtain any sexual relief. He decided to make an effort to have a sex change operation. When he returned to the University of Michigan [most likely in late August or early September 1966] he made an appointment to see a psychiatrist to be examined to determine if the sex change would be good for him. He claimed that by putting on an act he could con the psychiatrist into thinking him suitable for a feminine role even though his motive was exclusively erotic. As he was sitting in the waiting room, he turned completely against the idea of the operation and thus, when he saw the doctor, instead claimed he was depressed about the possibility of being drafted. He describes the following:

"As I walked away from the building afterwards, I felt disgusted about what my uncontrolled sexual cravings had almost led me to do and I felt humiliated, and I violently hated the psychiatrist. Just then there came a major turning point in my life. Like a Phoenix, I burst from the ashes of my despair to a glorious new hope. I thought I wanted to kill that psychiatrist because the future looked utterly empty to me. I felt I wouldn't care if I died. And so I said to myself why not really kill the psychiatrist and anyone else whom I hate. What is important is not the words that ran through my mind but the way I felt about them. What was entirely new was the fact that I really felt I could kill someone. My very hopelessness had liberated me because I no longer cared about death. I no longer cared about consequences and I said to myself that I really could break out of my rut in life an do things that were daring, irresponsible or criminal." [Psych Report] {Emphasis added}

That happened sometime in the summer of 1966, most likely in late August/early September 1966. Ted has finished his TA duties and coursework with only his thesis left to finish, so he is free to move around. Probably mere days later, on or around September 3, 1966, bombs go off at the suburban Chicago house of Elmwood Park Mayor Elmer Conti and at a glass company on Paulina St. in Chicago. Within weeks there is another attack on a home of an Illinois politician Republican Senate nominee and Bell & Howell CEO Charles Percy, this one far more brutal and lethal, and his daughter Valerie Percy is murdered on September 18, 1966. One week later Monsanto chemical engineer Jerry Bricca, his wife Linda and daughter Debbie in suburban Cincinnati are bound and killed on or around September 25 to 27, 1966. On October 30, 1966, when evidence suggests Ted Kaczynski may be in California, the first probable Zodiac crime, the murder of college student Cheri Jo Bates occurs.

His first confirmed Unabomber crime was in 1978, when he was 36 years old. Yet we know from research that the most active and violent period for the majority of serial killers is from their late teens to late twenties. And we see that Kaczynski reports the motivation, desire and ability to kill at least as early as the summer of 1966.
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