KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:01 pm

Looking at the car door from Lake Berryessa on 9/27/69. I'm thinking that Zodiac did that as an update for the number games I believe he was playing.

So, with 9/27/69 he's continuing using the multiples of five dates but also he has gone around a 360 degree circle:

12/20/68 Vallejo (Vallejo(77)+Zodiac(58)=135) (numbers-for-letters)
7/4/69 Vallejo (Vallejo(77)+Zodiac(58)=135) (numbers-for-letters)
135 +135=270
9/27/69 Napa (Napa(32)+Zodiac(58)=90) (numbers-for-letters)
135+135+90=360 (360 degrees in a circle)

And it's the perfect date to allude to the completion of a rotation of a circle with 9/27/69 because the 4 points on a 360 degree circle are 90,180,270,360
Take off the zero and you have 9,18,27,36
So, with a date of 9/27 that's two points:

And then the mention of a 6:30 time. 630 is a number anagram for 360.
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:32 am

Just looking at the first FOUR Zodiac dates(12-20-68)(7-4-69)(9-27-69)(10-11-69) paralleled to Zodiac signs 1,3,5,7 (Aries,Gemini,Leo,Libra).
Those are the lowest FOUR out of SIX signs that are multiples of FIVE when adding thte (SIGNS+ZODIAC) and you have the pattern of 1,3,5,7 and by chance are in alphabetical order. So, you add up the SIGNS numbers-for-letters and add the word ZODIAC to it with its numbers-for-letters result of 58. And then there is the Zodiac circle with 90,180,270,360 at the points to match up with the numbers-for-letters of the locations(Vallejo,Napa,San Francisco) of homicide added to the word ZODIAC with its numbers-for-letters of 58.

..ARIES(52)+ZODIAC(58)=110........100=(12+20+68) VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135
......LEO(32)+ZODIAC(58)=90...........80=(7+4+69)....VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135 VALLEJO TOTAL=135+135=(270)
GEMINI(57)+ZODIAC(58)=115.........105=(9+27+69)..NAPA(32)+ZODIAC(58)=90......NAPA TOTAL=90..................(90)
..LIBRA(42)+ZODIAC(58)=100...........90=(10=11+69)SAN FRANCISCO(122)+Z0DIAC(58)=180 SAN FRAN TOTAL..(180)

So, you can see the TEN LESS match and the location totals of (90,180,270) matching the points of a circle.
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:14 pm

That EQUINOX card with the dates 9/22/72 and the possible clues there fall right in line with the number games Zodiac may have played, in my opinion, although consider too the possible generality of playing number games. There is the obvious parallel of adding numbers in dates, such as 9/22/72 (9+2+2+7+2)=22. And the time of 3:33 PM(3+3+3=9). And, 4/14/41 (4+1+4+4+1)=14. In my opinion, that could be the same as if Zodiac were saying....If you add the numbers for the dates I acted on, you'll catch on to the game I'm playing....
Looking at the TWO dates given and how adding up the numbers individually gives you the number in the middle. If you break that down to what it is, you have a math pattern of any number in the TEENS(in the middle of the date) needs to have a total of NINE around it. It works this way, unless I'm mistaken:
11 (11-(1+1)=9
12 (12-(1+2)=9
13 (13-(1+3)=9
So, the TEENS number also works with NINE. And any number in the TWENTIES will need 18:
20 (20-(2+0)=18
21 (21-(2+1)=18
22 (22-(2+2)=18
So, any THIRTIES numbers use 27:
31 (31-(3+1)=27
32 (32-(3+2)=27
So, any FORTIES numbers use 36:
41 (41-(4+1)=36
42 (42-(4+2)=36
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby akwilks on Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:22 pm

Thanks to excellent research by MORF, we are now pretty sure that the Equinox letter was written by Phillip Gordon Gietzen, or at least made to appear as if written by him.

I do not think Mr. Gietzen, now deceased, had any intentional connection to the Zodiac case. He was an architect, a video and film maker and into computer software, involved with the Radical Software magazine.

Name: Phillip G. Gietzen
SSN: ***- ** -1998
Last Residence: 94110 San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States of America
Born: 14 Apr 1941
Died: 5 Jul 1999
State (Year) SSN issued: North Carolina (1956)

Equinox letter.jpg
Equinox letter.jpg (223.25 KiB) Viewed 2797 times

Phil Gietzen handwriting.jpg
Phil Gietzen handwriting.jpg (217.84 KiB) Viewed 2809 times

Phil Gietzen Writing.jpg
Phil Gietzen Writing.jpg (114.23 KiB) Viewed 2790 times
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:55 pm

I bought the Zodiac book around May, 1991 and some 20 years passed before I seriously considered the possiblity that the Zodiac symbol might represent the 12 signs of the zodiac and only after finding Gemini Zodiac in a Caesar shift 0,10,20,30 in the name Kaczynski. And, of course that led the way to the potential number games concerning the dates and locations Zodiac acted on. My guess is that Zodiac wouldn't just start out as a killer and create these deliberate number games concerning dates and locations:(Vallejo(270)-(100)(80) Napa(90)-(105) San Francisco(180)-(90). In other words, I'm led to believe Zodiac was probably an experienced serial killer by December 1968 and that playing number games with serial killing represented an escalation in his murderous ways or perhaps otherwise it might be said that he was becoming more confident with the experience of getting away with murder--confident enough to escalate to a bizarre number murder game. Speaking of the number games, as discussed here in (KITE's greatest cryptic find!), I believe Zodiac picked locations with the points(90,180,270,360)of a circle in mind. The 4 first locations add up:
San Francisco(122)+ZODIAC(58)=(180)
But, if Zodiac allowed variations for the numbers-for-letters of the locations, then:
So, Zodiac wrote out CALIF on the envelopes, so there could be something to that.

Here's something concerning the Pines postcard, coincidence in numbers probably, or maybe. The three numbers are 58,87,174 and their common denominator is the prime number 29. So:
(29) 58 87 174
And now consider the dates of the 1974 possible Zodiac communications:
(29,174) (58) (87)
But, not only that, look at the signatures for the 3: One has the word SIGNED as part of it, one has A CITIZEN, one is the RED PHANTOM:
SIGNED might be an interesting word play considering its number-for-letters is 58, the same as ZODIAC(Zodiac sign/signed)
(Compared to 58,87,174).
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:41 am

HERE'S SOMETHING AWESOME CONCERNING THE PINES POSTCARD that seems to fall right in line with the Zodiac Number Games. With the Pines Postcard being sent on 3-22 and the stack of newspapers numbers-for-letters of 422 and 522 being the sum total of the:
(58x3)+(87x2)+(174x1) and also with the 3,6,9 association to 522, you have a 322-422-522 pattern. This alligns with the 3 lowest numbers-for-letters (possibly) used in the first 4 Zodiac dates.
Quick review on that:
12+20+68=100 ARIES(52)+ZODIAC(58)=110
7+4+69=80 LEO(32)+ZODIAC(58)=90
9+27+69=105 GEMINI(57)+ZODIAC(57)=115
10+11+69=90 LIBRA(42)+ZODIAC(58)=100

NOW, see how the three lowest are 32,42,52 (Leo,Libra,Aries) matching the 322-422-522 pattern from the Pines Postcard!! So, the Sought Victim 12 followed closely by the Zodiac symbol might be more about alluding to the 12 signs of the zodiac instead of a real victim count.
Look at the order of the dates Zodiac acted on and the zodiac sign:
Put those numbers together:
There's the 5-22-42 again!
Another way of looking at it is that with ARIES=52 for example, it's interchangeable so you could write:
ARIES 32 57 42
Or, for another example you could write:
Just mixing things up while retaining mathematical equality, let's call it.
Another example of this is:
52 32 GEMINI 42
See that! You have 5-22 42 with an extra 3 and GEMINI, Kaczynski's zodiac sign!
(52) 3(2) GEMINI (42)
So, altogether Zodiac may have intentionally picked out dates to act on to allign with the numbers-for-letters of the (ZODIAC SIGN)+the word ZODIAC, resulting in a TEN LESS match out of necessity, picked locations numbers-for-letters+the word ZODIAC to equal points on a zodiac circle(90,180,270) and all the while gave a reading of the date 5-22-42, with the Pines Postcard number matches as a reminder of this.
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Tue Mar 20, 2012 6:14 pm

When you look at the numbers-for-letters, you see that:
(Vallejo(77)+Vallejo(77)=154)=(Napa(32)+San Francisco(122)=154)
And all the words that end with a 2 or a 7:
Leo(32)Libra(42)Aries(52)Gemini(57)Capricorn(97)Aquarius(107)Vallejo(77)Napa(32)San Fransicso(122)
I think the idea was 6 dates matching the six zodiac signs, points 6-11, and also the locations matching 4 points on a zodiac circle(90,180,270,360) with the extra 2 doubling up for the higher numbers(270,360):
Lake Tahoe Areas(122)+Zodiac(58)=180
San Francisco(122)+Zodiac(58),San Francisco(122)+Zodiac(58)=360

Those 6 cases are Napa: 9-27-69
Lake Tahoe Areas: 9-6-70
Vallejo: 12-20-68 and 7-4-69
San Francisco: 10-11-69 and 6-19-70

*Modesto, Calif(122)+Zodiac(58)=180 *attempted murder
So Zodiac may have allowed some variation on location names but he did use LAKE TAHOE AREAS as a sort of description of a location and he also used the abbreviation Calif..

With the six signs adding up to 32-42-52-57-97-107. Considering a zodiac circle of FIVES adding up to 60, you minus 60 from 97 and 107 and that gives you points 6 thru 11. So you could change those numbers to 32-37-42-47-52-57, add Zodiac(58) to result with TEN LESS per date. If you added THEO(48)(T(20)+H(8)+E(5)+O(15)=48, you'd get an exact match(to points six thru eleven):
32+48=80, 37+48=85, 42+48=90, 47+48=95, 52+48=100, 57+48=105
But does ARIES+THEO for example mean anything in astrology? Ancient Greek connection? THEO=GOD? THEO in the sky?
THEO=The Zodiac? Although there's more consistency in adding ZODIAC(58) to both, could it have been to add THEO(48) to the ZODIAC SIGNS numbers-for-letters to match the dates that Zodiac acted on and then add ZODIAC(58) to the locations for the points of a zodiac circle?
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Tue May 08, 2012 11:34 am

Ok, let me do a quick review that will lead to a new potential cryptic discovery. The idea behind the 5 X's Zodiac places on the Zodiac symbol at points 6,8,9,10,11, I believe, is based on SIX signs of the zodiac:
LEO(32)+ZODIAC(58)=90 (7+4+69=80)
LIBRA(42)+ZODIAC(58)=100 (10=11+69=90)
ARIES(52)+ZODIAC(58)=110 (12+20+68=100)
GEMINI(57)+ZODIAC(58)=115 (9+27+69=105)

Those are four of the six signs that happened up until the Novemer 9,1969 letter and those are numbers-for-letters for the zodiac signs and the word ZODIAC(58). The last two:

So all SIX are: 90,100,110,115,155,165.
And if you put those on a Zodiac symbol that is multiples of FIVE at the points, those six would end up on the 6,7,8,9,10,11 points.
So, in looking at the November 8, 1969 letter, at the end, Zodiac underlines the word THING SIX times with SIX exclamation points also. The numbers for letters for THING is 58 matching ZODIAC=58 and the sixes match the six signs. Zodiac also writes:
DES JULY AUG SEPT OCT=7. Numbers-for-letters, that is 223=7. I believe it's a clue to his number method because 2+2+3=7

This is the new part. Look at the end of the November 9,1969 letter essentially sent the same time as what I just mentioned. This is where Zodiac places X's on the 6,8,9,10,11 points. The last two lines, in the shadow of the X-marked Zodiac symbol, are:

Now, look at the numbers-for-letters for those words:
(PAGE 3): PAGE=29: 29+3=(32)
(OR I): OR=33 I(9) 33+9=(42)
(DO MY): DO=19 MY=38 19+38=(57)

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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Wed May 23, 2012 2:17 pm


Those are the numbers-for-letters for the 12 signs with the six signs that end up as multiples of FIVE when ZODIAC(58) is added to them.
Looking at the three locations:

You can see the (45) difference(32(+45)=77(+45)=122)

So, that's 90,180,270. In reading about the zodiac, 0,90,180,270 have some importance concerning words like ecliptic,solstice,equinox.
The Zodiac killer may have been all about numbers. What about the number of the day in the year on the days that Zodiac acted on?
12/20/68 (355) day of the year. (LEAP YEAR)
7/4/69 (185) day of year
9/27/69 (270) day of year
10/11/69 (284) day of year
3/22/70 (81) day of year
6/19/70 (170) day of year
9/6/70 (249) day of year

So, out of 7, 4 are multiples of FIVE(170,185,270,355) and the other 3 are ONE off (81,249,284). But look at the first THREE:
355+185=540 and half of that is 270, which is the next number. And 270 is the WEST point of a zodiac circle(0,90,180,270)
Also notice the 284 and then 81, which adds up to one year-365 days.
And the near 100 day differences: (81,185,284) (170,270) (249,355)
What I'm thinking with this is that maybe Zodiac was trying to work in multiples of FIVE math for the day of the year on the days he acted on, but it proved too difficult to maintain. All of it may have been too difficult to maintain. For example, he may have used:
(LAKE TAHOE AREAS)=122+ZODIAC(58)=180, as a location to allow for a 180 reading on it. Possibly the same with (MODESTO, CALIF=122)
August 7, 1969 is when Zodiac first called himself Zodiac and in the letter he discusses the cracking of the cipher he recently sent in. That cipher had an unknown 18 that may have translated to THEODORE J KACZYNSKI. That name has a numbers-for-letters of 219 and 8/7/69 is the 219th day of the year.
The October 27,1970 card has a skeleton holding up THREE fingers. 10/27/70 is the 300th day of the year.
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Fri May 25, 2012 1:29 pm

Now that I've had more time to consider the day of the year for the days that Zodiac acted on, it seems particularly interesting, the first two dates: 12/20/68(355th day of the year)(Leap Year), 7/4/69(185th day of the the year). Those are the Vallejo dates. Remember that by location and numbers-for-letters:
VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135x2=(270). So there you have the 135x2=(270) because of TWO Zodiac attacks in Vallejo.
And with the days of the year for those dates: 355+185=540 divided by TWO EQUALS (270). So, that's an interesting allignment there. And consider also that the THIRD and next Zodiac attack was 9/27/69 and September 27th is the 270th day of the year. So, if Zodiac was all about numbers, then he may have emphasized 270, the west point of a Zodiac circle(270 degrees).
Zodiac mailed the Halloween card on OCTOBER 27, 1970. That's the 300th day of the year, if I'm not mistaken. The skeleton on the card is holding up THREE fingers and the other two fingers form a ZERO. So, did Zodiac intentionally mail the card early on October 27, the 300th day of the year, to play a number game because of the skeleton with it's THREE-ZERO hand gesture? In other words, is he all about numbers and alluding to the number games he's been playing all along? That cryptic possibility I would give about a SEVEN out of TEN. But, the next cryptic potential I would give about a NINE and a half out of TEN.
This is an idea I've already talked about in this topic(KITE's greatest cryptic find!). It concerns the MY NAME IS....CODE. The CODE was mailed on Adolf Hitler's birthday(April 20th). Adolf Hitler has a numbers-for-letters of (110) and so does ARIES+ZODIAC=110. ARIES and ZODIAC are two of the three symbols used in the MY NAME IS....CODE.
And then the possibility of 110=(5x22)4-20(date mailed)=(5-22-42)(Kaczynski's birthday). So that, I've already discussed and now I have something that might serve to cement all or at least some of that. It's unbelievable but.......................
.........................................APRIL 20TH IS THE 110th DAY OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!...............................
So, if Zodiac was all about numbers, would he notice that Adolf Hitler has the same numbers-for-letters(110)as the day of the year he was born on, April 20th(110th day of the year). Of even further interest is that TED KACZYNSKI comes real close to doing the same:
TED KACZYNSKI=148 (numbers-for-letters)
MAY 22=142 (142nd day of the year)
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