KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Mon May 28, 2012 7:58 pm

Looking at the Halloween Card that was mailed on the 300th day of the year as compared to the skeleton's 3-0 hand gesture.
Consider the letters-for-numbers of 3 things:

So, Zodiac added the pumpkin, is that correct? And so you have 99,100,101 equaling 300. If Zodiac was all about numbers, was this another number game?
In another topic, I brought up how in the 6/26/70 BOMB-cipher, the first 3 symbol-symbols are Triangle,Square,Aries giving the acronym TSA and then also (Triangle+Square+Aries=219) matching (Theodore J. Kaczynski=219). TWO other things about TSA:
The first is the 340 cipher and how the word BLAST is used TWICE. With the 340's jumbled spelling the first use of BLAST is:
BTSAL on Line 2 and then the second use of BLAST is ALSTB(ASLTB?)(one or the other but the same point, you'll see) on Line 7:
Put those together and you have BTSALALSTB:
B(T)(S)(A)L(A)L(S)(T)B. So, that acronym order matches (T)he (S)ecret (A)gent: (A) (S)imple (T)ale.
The other TSA possibility concerns the ZODIUS signing from 1968. ZODIAC to ZODIUS has a difference of the letters (US).
The zodiac-signs include 3 signs out of 12 that end in the letters (US) and they are the final 3 in order of numbers-for-letters:
TAURUS=100 SAGITTARIUS=144 AQUARIUS=107. Those 3 make a TSA acronym:
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:49 pm

Looking at the Riverside desktop poem, around 1966. That poem was apparently signed with (rh). Is it word play on RIVERSIDE with RIVER, meaning the RH continues to RHI. Now add (+2) to RHI and you get TJK. Have I fetched too far afield for a freewheeling association when I should have refrained in the first place? Perhaps. R and H are written as lower case(rh). Assuming Zodiac wrote the poem for the sake of analysis and in my opinion he wrote it, was (rh) a letters-for-number signature, meaning r(18)h(8) rh=rxh=18x8=144. So, was it really signed 144? Not a sonnet, but a poem. POEM 144? In this topic(KITE's greatest cryptic find!), we have discussion about numbers, numbers-for-letters, and the zodiac signs. Numbers-for-letters meaning,
for example, CAT is C(3) A(1) T(20)=(3+1+20=24): CAT=(24). The numbers result from the letters place in the alphabet(A=1 B=2 C=3). So, for example, when you add ZODIAC=(58) to the lowest FOUR zodiac signs that will result with multiples of FIVE:
LEO(32)+(58)=90 LIBRA(42)+(58)=100 ARIES(52)+(58)=110 GEMINI(57)+(58)=115. So, that gives you (90,100,110,115) alligning with the first FOUR Zodiac dates(12+20+68)=100 (7+4+69)=80 (9+27+69)=105 (10+11+69)=90 (80,90,100,105). The locations are VALLEJO(77)+(58)=135(x2)=270 (TWO dates for Vallejo) NAPA(32)+(58)=90 SAN FRANCISCO(122)+(58)=180. So, that gives you (90,180,270) 3 of the 4 points on a circle. So, in my opinion, I find it difficult to believe numbers like that would fall into place by chance. Back to (rh)=144. The zodiac sign SAGITTARIUS has a numbers-for-letters of 144. Was Zodiac signing the poem as SAGITTARIUS. Remember this is around 1966. In 1967, Zodiac may have signed the April 1967 Riverside letters with a Z. Zodiac may have used the word ZODIUS in 1968. The idea with that is perhaps Zodiac was on the verge of calling himself Zodiac and using the numbers games I've suggested as a possibility in this topic. In other words, perhaps ZODIUS and Z and maybe an rh=144=Sagittarius signature were early expressions of what would eventually be the Zodiac case and the possible number games concerning dates, locations, and zodiac signs. Did Zodiac consider himself as a sort of secret agent revolting against society. Looking at Column SEVEN of the 340 cipher: NOUMFONOENEILASSESAG. Broken up to NOUMFO NOE NEILASS ESAG. Could that be FUMOON ONE NEILASS SAGE. Perhaps meaning ONE FULL MOON, ONE NEILASS, ONE SAGE. SAGE meaning a wise person but was it also word play because (SE)cret (AG)ent has SAGE? One SECRET AGENT? Look at this comparison:
Looking at the book: The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale. Notice the acronym TSAAST
Now, look at SAGITTARIUS, you have, in order the letters.........................SATTAS ((SA)GI(TTA)RIU(S))
Both TSAAST and SATTAS can be read the same forward as backwards.
In the 340 cipher, BLAST is used twice in the solution: BTSAL and ALSTB. Put them together B(TSA)L(A)L(ST)B and you have TSAAST.
The idea might be that Zodiac wanted to call himself Sagittarius in 1966, maybe wanted to call himself Zodius in 1968, and called himself the Zodiac in 1969?
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:20 am

So, Secret Agent abbreviated to S AGENT compared to the beginning of sagittarius:
Concerning the ATT. used on the 3/22/71 Pines Postcard, and considering it's supposed to be ATTN., if not mistaken. Consider that the Riverside writer did use ATTN, if not mistaken, so if the Riverside writer and the Pines postcard writer are both Zodiac, why did he incorrectly use ATT. after correctly using ATTN? In my opinion, it was an alteration allowing a 174 numbers-for-letters registering for ATT. PAUL AVERLY. Speaking of numbers-for-letters and looking at the 7/26/70 Zodiac communication. Zodiac writes...(WOEMAN+HER BABY), near the center of the communication. If you actually add up those words letters for their numbers-for-letters, you get (132). I'm wondering now if that's some sort of word play allusion to Highway 132 because this communication concerns the 3/22/70 possibly Zodiac encounter? And, considering the misspelling WOEMAN adds suspicion to that possibility, in my opinion.
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Re: KITE's greatest cryptic find!

Postby KITE on Wed May 29, 2013 6:19 pm

I haven't written here in over 9 months and I feel it's appropriate to explain where this finding of possible numerical patterns in the
3-22-71 communication led to. Finding possible numbers-for-letters(CAT=24 (((C(3) +A(1) +T(20)=24)))patterns in what was perhaps Zodiac's last communication(3-22-71) in a series led me to believe that he was leaving a parting clue to look for numbers-for-letters clues elsewhere. That led to me noticing the numerical patterns concerning the numbers-for-letters in these words:

So then did this:


lead to:

VALLEJO(77)+ZODIAC(58)=135X2=270 (Zodiac struck twice there)

The possible idea is the word-play association of a REVOLUTION being going around a circle once and the degrees of a circle(90,180,270,360). And did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski? There are more numbers-for-letters possibilities over at the:
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