NEW "Code Key" Sent In By "Citizen" - Was It Zodiac?

NEW "Code Key" Sent In By "Citizen" - Was It Zodiac?

Postby akwilks on Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:17 pm

Morf obtained via a FOIA to the FBI the much discussed but never before seen "Code Key" sent in by "Concerned Citizen" on 8/10/69 to the Vallejo PD, I think to Sgt. Lynch. There has been much speculation as to whether Zodiac himself sent this in. I will let Morf explain.

MORF = RE: Zodiac code key sent to Vallejo PD 8/10/69

I have long heard about, and read about this "code key" sent to Vallejo PD in August 1969. It was addressed to a Sergeant at Vallejo PD. A long time ago, maybe almost a year (so long ago I had forgotten about it), I sent the FBI a FOI request for this code key, and today, after forgetting about it and figuring I would never get it, it arrived in my mailbox! So here it is.

It consists of 5 pages, although 2 of the pages are blank and only have a number written on top of the blank pages ( I assume these were not written by the author, and instead are some kind of FBI or VALLEJO reference #). It seems that the pages were deliberately deleted by the FBI,as not to release info that they do not want made public.

Zodiac Case Code Key One.jpg
Zodiac Case Code Key One.jpg (134.83 KiB) Viewed 2038 times
Zodiac Case Code Key Two.jpg
Zodiac Case Code Key Two.jpg (210.45 KiB) Viewed 2037 times
Zodiac Case Code Key Three.jpg
Zodiac Case Code Key Three.jpg (131.41 KiB) Viewed 2049 times

MORF = My first thoughts:

*The handwriting does not look exactly like Zodiac's known writing, but this could be another disguised writing by him, or maybe it is more like his normal everyday printing

*The envelope has a FDR stamp as did Zodiac's letters from July-November 1969

* I would like to know the name of the Sergeant that the writer sent the code key, and why he was chosen. Also, I would love to know what was on the two redacted pages.

I look forward to hearing opinions on this letter. Over at, they had a good discussion going about this key code: ... 80b315f9fd

AK = Yes, Morf, the FDR stamp! I mean, there are 50 or so stamps that can be used at any time - weird that Zodiac and the "concerned citizen" share the same stamp.

The writer does a 3 stroke "K".

I AGREE MOST OF THE WRITING DOES NOT LOOK LIKE CLASSIC Z WRITING, BUT IT IS ALL CAPS. Something in this writing looks similar to some other writing I have seen in the case, maybe the more blocky writing?

A "slip of the tongue"? Huh? It strikes me as odd a real person wouldn't want the credit for solving it. And the language has some word play in it.

Not sure on this one. Good job though Morf!

As for the person claiming Tom Voigt had this years ago on ZK I say no. I have never seen this anywhere.

MORF = Yes, I agree, this letter was never posted anywhere before, maybe the discussion about it, but not the letter itself. This would be available on any number of internet searches, and others who have been researching this case would have seen it before. Sounds familiar...a while back we posted a never before seen letter, and someone who will remain nameless claimed he had posted that letter years ago...again, that was absolutely untrue. Not that I want credit for getting any of these letters, but let's just be honest about when the letters were first available, no matter who supplied them and when.

I also know that this letter was not ever shown on, because there was a thread about this cipher key on there, and on Aug 22,2007, a user member there named AVENGERGT, stated he was having trouble getting this letter under the FOIA, and that he was going to reach out directly to Vallejo PD for it.

Tom's response wasnt "Dont bother I have a copy of it" or "its on the old archived message board", instead his response was "AvengerGT, I wish you the best. However, if they actually provide you with anything, I shall eat my hat. And my keyboard, mouse and speakers. And my monitor. And the computer desk"

AK = Maybe someone can send Tom a bottle of A-1 sauce. It really makes everything taste better.
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Re: Never Before Seen "Code Key" Sent In By "Concerned Citizen"

Postby akwilks on Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:44 am

Check this out. I got this from the Michael Butterfield site .

It states that the code key has some alternative translations, and they sent this key to Donald Harden.

Could any of these alternative translations help us decipher the last 18?

I will have to examine this over the next few days, hopefully some of other code people can as well.

Of course if this is Zodiac, it could be him leading us down a false path and away from the real solution. Or just trying to cause confusion. Maybe he had second thoughts about putting his name in there, if in fact he did, as me and Kite believe.

But regardless if this is from Zodiac or a real amateur codebreaker, maybe there is something in these alternative translations that can shed a new light on the unsolved 18?

Memo On Code Key.jpg
Memo On Code Key.jpg (32.98 KiB) Viewed 2021 times
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Re: NEW "Code Key" Sent In By "Citizen" - Was It Zodiac?

Postby KITE on Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:35 pm

Here's an interesting possibly Zodiac to Kaczynski writing comparison, comparing this (Concerned Citizen) letter with something Kaczynski wrote that I noticed in the:
Kaczynski: A Berkeley Prof in Jan/July 1967? Timeline TOPIC. Both are from 1969. Here they are:
KACZYNSKI Feb 26, 1969:............(DEAR sirs: (I ENCLOSE) a check for ten dollars as a donation... (IN CONSIDERATION) of this contribution, (I HOPE YOU WILL BE) courteous enough to read my (LETTER).)
Possibly ZODIAC: August 10, 1969: (DEAR Sergeant: (I HOPE) the (ENCLOSED) "key" (WILL) prove to (BE) beneficial to (YOU)
(IN CONNECTION) with the cipher (LETTER) writer.)
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