Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Re: Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Postby KITE on Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:44 am

So, concerning the previous post that talked of the number eleven possibly concerning the 340 cipher. There are ELEVEN symbols in a row and it is LINE ELEVEN and I do believe that the symbol pattern B(P)B(T)M(K)O was intentional and was meant to mean BMBO=(BOMB) and (P)rofessor (T)heo (K)aczynski or else possibly Ted or Theodore. So, if I believe that that sequence was intentional, the putting of 4 symbol-letters before it may have been to help mask the possibly "generous" clue given. In other words, instead of a clearer pattern like B(P)O(T)M(K)B with several non-symbol-letters before it, Zodiac possibly decided to anagram BOMB and then place 4 other symbol-letters before it, thus it being not quite as compelling as what it could have been? Though, he may have done what I just suggested and was still desirous of emphasizing the number ELEVEN.
At any rate, looking at the 32 symbols code, it occurred to me, (and I can't recall if this occurred to me before, but it would be amazing if it hadn't, considering how much numbers-for-letters has been a focus of mine concerning the Zodiac case) that the numbers-for-letters for the word BOMB is 32 matching the 32 symbols. So, actually, I believe that was intentional, not coincidence, considering that, if I'm not mistaken, the code is about looking for the location of a bomb. So, revisiting what I wrote a few years back in a different topic and also some new possibilities, the only reverse letters in the 32 symbols code, if I'm not mistaken, are JFK and they are placed in reverse order and are found on the prime number positions (23,11,7). This is possibly interesting when considering the previous post because if the placing of JFK on prime number positions was intentional and meant to call attention to prime numbers, there are, if I'm not mistaken, ELEVEN prime numbers up to the number 32 (2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31). From here, the next step could be to reduce the 32 symbols to the 23 symbols that are letters (symbol-letters?). There may be several clues that indicate this possible next step.

1. Before the 32 symbol code, Zodiac, if I'm not mistaken, wrote 23 words that was signed with a Zodiac symbol. (The Map coupled with this code.............)
2. There are nine prime numbers up to the number 23 and they add up to an even 100, if I'm not mistaken. (2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23)
3. The K from the reverse JFK is placed on the 23rd position.
4. When reduced to 23, the letter W falls on the 23rd. The letter W has a numbers-for-letters of 23
5. Possibly in line with the reverse JFK, the number 32 in reverse is 23.

So, looking at what I wrote some years back, the NINE resulting prime number positions within 23 (2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23) are (J,I,K,M,T,X,J,C,W).
The first FIVE letters anagram to (I'M TJK). Also, when those 9 are reduced again to prime number positions (like the 23 before that), the result (2,3,5,7), if I'm not mistaken, is (I,K,T,J) which anagrams to (I TJK).

Concerning this communication, I have also previously talked about how the last sentence (.....a man sitting in a parked car......), if I'm not mistaken, has a numbers-for-letters of 360. This, in my estimation, was intentional and concerned the game that I believe Zodiac played (using the word play of 360 degrees and the revolution around a circle to another definition of revolution (revolt), if I'm not mistaken on any of that.) I believe that Zodiac, in my opinion, was honestly confessing to the 6-19-70 case with this sentence. The adding of dates (6+19+70=95) was one of two numbers (85,95) needed at the time according to my estimation of the numerical game that I believe Zodiac created (covered in the topic: Is This The Game That Zodiac Played?), and also the doubling up of another 180 location to 360. I believe that the 3-22-70 date possibly concerning Zodiac was him and that he was attempting then (by riding around) to do what he did on 6-19-70.

My next observation is new. The LINE above the sentence that I have as adding up to 360 is:


I've always believed that that apparently extra "AN" was intentional unless it is actually correct English? Assuming that it's not, I would tend to believe it's intentional based on my belief that Zodiac re-read what he wrote and used cross-outs.

Q. Perhaps he re-read what he wrote and found it amusing KITE, and left it as was?

A. Perhaps.

At any rate, if that is incorrect Englsh, I would tend to believe it intentional for some reason and perhaps I have stumbled across the reason, assuming I am the first to notice the following possible cryptic clue?

The adding of (AN) allows the LINE to be 18 letters long matching Theodore J. Kaczynski (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski ?) and using a (0,3,6,9) shift, NINE of the letters match the exact positon along the TJK name, unless I'm mistaken:

T.....H.....E......M.... I.....N.... A....N.... A.....N.....O.....T.....H.....E.....R.... W......A......Y......
0.....0.....0........ .................9....9.......9.....3............9............6..................................

Two other letters are only ONE positon off (the O and D), two are TWO positions off (the N and S), and two are THREE positions off (the I and Z), unless I'm mistaken.

T.....H.....E.....M..... I.....N..... A......N..... A.....N.....O.....T.....H.....E.....R..... W.....A.....Y......

So, I'm just trying to show how, in my opinion, the LINE is (0,3,6,9) friendly to the Theodore J. Kaczynski name and that this is made possible by the adding of the (AN). Because it makes it 18 letters long obviously, but also where it's placed. The whole 18 (0,3,6,9) shift is:

T.....H.....E.....M..... I.....N..... A......N..... A.....N.....O.....T.....H.....E.....R.....W.....A.....Y.....
T.....H.....E.....D......O.....K..... R......E.......J.....K.....O....C.....N.....Y.....I......Z.....A.....S.......

THEMINANANOTHERWAY=THEDOKREJKOCNYIZAS=000963999309669306 (THEDOKREJKOCNYIZAS anagrams to THEODORE J KACZYNSKI) (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski ?)

Unless I'm mistaken on any of it. I hope I didn't make a mistake?
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Re: Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Postby akwilks on Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:57 pm

As always, following and reading your work with interest. Let me study this and some of your other recent work and I will post any corrections, comments or suggestions I may have. I'll be posting some new material in a few days as well.
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Re: Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Postby KITE on Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:25 am

Thanks AK. The 340 cipher Line 3 possible cryptic recovery is absolutely amazing, in my estimation. I do believe that Zodiac put that there in Line 3. (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?) The 13 that end up as:
ZCAKNY(THEO)IKS=996666330 : are preceded by a no-meaning backward symbol C that was arguably meant to mark the cryptic? and followed by SEE A NAME, arguably meant to draw attention to the name (THEO) that was arguably altered (changing the UD from SHOULD to the HE in THEO, if I'm not mistaken) from what should have read: (SLEUTH SHOULD SEE A NAME). It's amazing too how it fits in with the word BOMB running up diagonally northeast with BELLOW and BLAST running horizontally off the letter B's. It's a construction that I find difficult to imagine as coincidental, when all is considered, though obviously I can't definitely assert that Zodiac designed it that way. Oh, and I forgot to mention the amazing pattern of the last name running in a backward trend: ZCAK NY IKS while maintaining a backward (descending?) shift: 996666330.

I also believe that the word (SEAT), found vertically on the edge of the 340 cipher, to the left of SEAT: (EA) and (POE) in diagonal northeast patterns , and (FNDI) running diagonally northeast along the diagonal BOMB, were intentional, in my opinion. These, in my estimation, were meant to foreshadow? Zodiac's sending in of The Map.

So, the things I've listed (let me add here that AK, in addition to noticing the Line 3 (0,3,6,9) shift, also noticed SEAT and was aware of a possible parallel to the short story?, if I'm not mistaken on any of that) are very solid observations, in my estimation. But what I'm about to suggest might not be as solid, let's say. It has to do with what I've been talking about recently: Line ELEVEN and the ELEVEN letter-symbols (symbols that are letters) that close out the LINE. The last 7 are.... B(P)B(T)M(K)O. I believe those symbol-letters are intentionally cryptic and meant to mean: (BOMB) and (PTK) with PTK standing for (P)rofessor (T)heo (K)aczynski? In my opinion. What I'm thinking now is that it was possibly meant to draw attention to Line 3.

Q. Why do you think that KITE?

A. Well, I believe that the number ELEVEN is being emphasized. It is Line ELEVEN and there are ELEVEN symbol-letters that close out the Line. (Professor Theo Kaczynski) has a numbers-for-letters of 298. (A=1, B=2, Z=26 etc.) (Bomb) has a numbers-for-letters of 32. So, together that's 330, if I'm not mistaken. In other words: B(P)B(T)M(K)O: (Bomb + Professor Theo Kaczynski=330). 330 degrees would be the ELEVEN point of a circle when broken into 30 degree sections, similar to a clock, if I'm not mistaken. (And didn't Zodiac mark a Zodiac symbol that way?) So, if the word SEAT was meant to be what Mt. Diablo ended up being on The MAP, then, with a Zodiac symbol visualized around the word SEAT, in my estimation, the ELEVENTH point on the invisible circle would line up with Line 3, in my opinion. In other words, I believe that Zodiac noticed that Professor Theo Kaczynski + bomb = 330 in numbers-for-letters and, realizing that it could be marked on a circle, decided to use it in a cryptic way, since it involved numbers and circles?. So, the possible PTK=Professor Theo Kaczynski may have been used to draw attention back to the shifted THEO KACZYNSKI from LINE 3?

So, it was probably necessary that The Map was sent in before this possibilty could be noticed? THEO KACZYNSKI and BOMB, in my opinion, were used again cryptically in the 340 cipher. 13 the last 18 symbols-letters used in the 340 cipher are anagrammed to (KACZYNSKI) and (BOMB). The 5 that are left over translate (using the possible solution) to THEO! (The extra symbol is a no-meaning backward symbol C.) If I'm not mistaken on any of that?

So actually or possibly the B(P)B(T)M(K)O could have been placed near the middle of the 340 cipher to draw attention to the THEO KACZNSKI and BOMB (possibly) found before Line ELEVEN and the THEO KACZYNSKI and BOMB (possibly) found after Line 11? Or else possibly Zodiac decided to cryptically challenge with.... THEO KACZYNSKI and BOMB, three times in the 340 cipher? (And did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?)
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Re: Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Postby KITE on Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:35 am

Looking at the first sentence from the possible 340 solution (It's obviously not my solution, though I believe it is correct):


I believe possibly there is a, simple of sorts, cryptic referring to the KACZYNSKI name (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?) So, I believe that Zodiac intentionally began with (HERCEAN) to refer to the word (Herculean). The letters (UL) are missing, but yet, by the possible solution, if I'm not mistaken, the letters (UL) begin the ELEVENTH LINE. So, that might have been intentional, so that LINE ONE and LINE ELEVEN, put together, result in the the word ((HERCEAN)+(UL)=) HERCULEAN. (Possibly this could indicate that Zodiac may have considered sending in the 340 cipher in 2 parts (Line 1-10) and (Line 11-20), 2 separate communications?)

So, the possible cryptic reference to the KACZYNSKI name is simple, in my opinion:

1. HERCEAN=TASK (Possibly supporting this is that the (UL) I mentioned, that begins LINE ELEVEN, is part of a sentence that uses the word (ASK), the last three letters in (TASK))?

PLEAS (ASK) LUNBALD, SOEL AT HLSD (UL) CLEAR? IT (LAKE). Perhaps Zodiac at first, considered using the UL from LUNBLAD to directly follow (ASK) (since the 340 is mostly jumbled), but didn't because he wanted (DUEL) read downward? (And/or because he wanted (UL) to begin LINE ELEVEN and thus the second half of the cipher?) And this led to adding (UL) to begin the ELEVENTH LINE? The idea that Zodiac possibly originally intended on sending in the 340 in 2 parts might suggest that Zodiac began the ELEVENTH LINE (what would be LINE ONE if 2 parts) with, as I mentioned, UL (to match up with HERCEAN), but also a sequence that was not translatable, to make it more difficult. In other words, in my estimation, LINE ELEVEN either begins (UL RAALE IT ALEK TI) or (UL RCALE IT ALEK TI). And also before the ELEVENTH LINE's (UL) beginning is LINE TEN'S closing out with: HLSD. So, did Zodiac intentionally make the cipher more difficult with nonsense of sorts, let's say as it transitioned from LINE TEN to LINE ELEVEN?

Either way, if I'm not mistaken, the decoder stumbles over (UL) and the seemingly random IT's (IT and TI). Perhaps it's meant as CLEAR IT, indicating it's not valid, additionally serving as a pun being placed before LAKE? (perhaps Zodiac wrote most or all of the cipher before 9-27-69?, if that's possible?)

2. HERB CAEN: I GIVE THEM HELL TOO, in my opinion, was word play using the last name CAEN to refer to CAIN.

3. I=Z



(TASK)+(Z)+(CAIN), take away the second A or otherwise union set, is it? 9 letters becomes 8:


or possibly:


(HERCEAN TASK) (ZODIAC) (CAIN), take away multiples, reduced to:

(DR. THEO KACZNSI) , if I'm not mistaken. (did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?)

unless possibly Zodiac, possibly using a word association of Caen-Cain, was implying a different spelling of Cain-Caen for himself? That of using the letter Y?

The result could then be: (Dr. THEO KACZYNSI)?
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Re: Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Postby KITE on Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:28 am

Actually, I have something similar but I believe better. Did Zodiac settle on the opening sentence, in part, to cryptically reference the KACZYNSKI name?
(did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?)

HERCEANB=(TASKED): I=(Z) GIVE THEM HELL TOO.=(CAIN) (meaning that the sentence is word play)

(TASKED)+(Z)+(CAIN)........ 11 letters reduced to 10 when taking away the doubled letter A,= (TED KACZNSI)

(So, it could mean that the decoder is TASKED with a difficult cipher.) But could the letter (Y) have been cryptically intended also?

Q. How possibly so, KITE?

A. Zodiac may have involved an alphabetical progression of sorts with: Caen-Cain-Cayn

He may have reinforced this by using the word TOO. (TWO alphabetically progressed variations other than CAEN?) Additional for consideration is that the word TOO has a numbers-for-letters of 50. Y is the 25th letter, Yx2=50 or, in other words, Yx2=TOO.

So, if Zodiac was cryptically referring to the TWO variations not mentioned in the opening sentence, then the result, after removing extra letters could be:

But even if I'm wrong about Zodiac cryptically referencing the KACZYNSKI name in the 340 cipher opening (or even if I'm right?), the part about Zodiac playing a last name word game referring to CAIN could still separately be accurate? And, if so, the use of the word TOO could have been a CLUE referring to the KACZYNSKI name?

Q. How possibly so, KITE?

K (AC) Z (YN) SKI, : the variation spelling of Cain using the letter (Y) is found in the KACZYNSKI name. They are the TWO(TOO) letters BEFORE and AFTER the letter Z !!
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Re: Zodiac 340 Code Partial Solution & Caesar Code Analysis

Postby KITE on Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:29 am

So. to continue from the previous post; that use of the word (TOO), the last word in that opening sentence of sorts, the word (TOO) could have been used cryptically possibly in TWO ways perhaps?
(TASKED)+(Z)+(CAIN)+(CAYN) changed to just different letters: 15 letters reduced to 11 (TASKEDZCINY), anagrams to: (TED KACZYNSI), unless I'm mistaken.

So, the idea is that by saying "I GIVE THEM HELL TOO", a last name word game is being played: CAEN compared to CAIN, and that by using the word TOO (as compared to TWO), Zodiac possibly was referring to TWO other spellings of CAIN, in an alphabetical progression of sorts (CAEN-CAIN-CAYN). So perhaps TOO was used to clue in on TWO other alphabetically ordered spellings and also that:

: the TWO letters BEFORE and AFTER the letter Z in the name:

K (AC) <<Z>>(YN) SKI......... are the letters C,A,Y, and N.

So, looking at an interesting possibility from another topic. AK brought up the idea that Zodiac may have been providing numerical clues with his 9-27-69 car door writing and pointed out how (SEPT 27-69 6:30), with it's last FOUR numbers being (9630); that that could possibly indicate it as a clue involving a 0-3-6-9 shift, if I'm not mistaken on any of that?

After looking it over, I found a very interesting possible connection between that (SEPT 27-69-6:30) writing and the 10-27-70 Halloween Card. I believe that a NINE number series can be cryptically (of sorts) drawn from (SEPT 27-69-6:30). Here's possibly how:

(SEPT has a numbers-for-letters of (60)),(numbers-for-letters is A=1,B=2,Z=26 etc.),(27=(9x3)),(69 remains unchanged)(6:30, hours converted to minutes=(390))

So, that's (60),(9X3),(69),(390).......equals.....(609369390). Those NINE numbers, as a 0-3-6-9 shift, I believe, is only a one number difference, (the last number), between (KACZYNSKI) and (Secret Pal).


So, that shift result is (609369399) compared to the possibly cryptically drawn NINE: (609369390)
Again, that's (609369399) and (609369390).

The use of BY KNIFE on BOTH the car door and the Halloween CARD, as well as possibly the 27th DATE, may have possibly been intended by Zodiac to connect the two?

So, all of that was really just a review of what's already been brought up, so here's something new, if I'm not mistaken?

I believe that Zodiac used the DATE and TIME as a numerical clue in 1966!

Q. So KITE, you believe that the writing of the DATE and TIME on the car door in 1969, wasn't the first time (instance?) that Zodiac used the date and time as a numerical clue. That he used the date and time as a numerical clue in 1966?

A. That's correct. I believe that Zodiac is responsible for the 10-30-66 Riverside case, the communications (66 and 67, wasn't it?) also. Didn't who was possibly Zodiac say..."It's about time.." in a communication in that case?

Perhaps with that, he was clueing in on that he had used the time as a clue. Of course, this is all my opinion, and perhaps I'm mistaken, but isn't it one possibility that Zodiac acted at 10:30 that night? I'm wondering if Zodiac had planned to write on the car door of the vehicle on that night. If so, I believe he would have written:

10-30-66 10:30

I don't believe it involves a 0-3-6-9 shift. I looked at that and the only way I could get a NINE series of (0-3-6-9) was if Zodiac had written:

TEN-30-66 10:30

Then the word (TEN is a numbers-for-letters of 39)(30 remains unchanged) (66 remains unchanged)(10:30 is converted to (630) minutes)
(39)(30)(66)(630)=(393066630)......So, in other words, following essentially the same method as (SEPT 27-69 6:30), (393066630) results. But, like I said, I don't believe this is the way Zodiac used the DATE and TIME as possibly a numerical clue in the 1966 Riverside case?

Q. How did Zodiac possibly use the DATE and TIME as a numerical clue in 1966, KITE?

Well, in another topic: (Is this the game that Zodiac was playing?), I talk about a numerical game that I believe Zodiac created. To overview it as briefly as possible, it involves numbers and circles with the idea that Zodiac was promoting revolution (revolt) with word play associated to another definition of revolution (going around a circle). If I'm not mistaken on any of that?

So, with that possible (DATE) and (TIME) of (10-30-66) and (10:30), I believe Zodiac meant for those numbers to be listed this way:

(10,30) (6,6) (10,30).............So, that reads the same as (10-30-66 10:30); it's just that I separated the year (66), as separate sixes (6,6). These numbers (10,30,6,6,10,30) are found in the (0-3-6-9) and (0-10-20-30) shifts; both I believe Zodiac used. Actually, I believe that Zodiac got his name from the 0-10-20-30 shift:

....................0.....10....10..10....10...20.... shift (technically, just (0-10-20))(did the real Zodiac know of Ted Kaczynski?)

These shifts (0-3-6-9) and (0-10-20-30) fit on the direction points of a circle, or whatever the right word is for those points? In other words, where (90,180,270,360) are. (0 and 360 end up on the same north point, If I'm not mistaken on any of this?) So, I believe that that's why Zodiac (possibly) used those shifts; because they can be put to the points of a circle.

So, if I'm not mistaken, 0-10-20-30 would be: 0=0, 10=90, 20=180, 30=270
And, if I'm not mistaken, 0-3-6-9 would be: 0=0, 3=90, 6=180, 9=270

10=(90), 30=(270): (90)+(270)=360........for the DATE 10-30
6=(180), 6=(180): (180)+(180)=360........for the YEAR 66
10=(90), 30=(270): (90)+(270)=360........for the TIME 10:30

So, in other words, I believe that the possible DATE and TIME in the 1966 case might have been meant as a numerical promotion of revolution (revolt) through a numerical association to 360 degrees and the word play of revolution as (going around a circle)?

With this same sort of idea; that Zodiac promoted revolution (revolt) with revolution (around a circle, 360 degrees); is it posible that Zodiac is responsible for the 6-3-63 DATE? Could Zodiac have viewed the DATE as:
(06-03-63), with those numbers rearranged or otherwise anagramming? to (360,360)?
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