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Added May 30, 2011

As all may be aware, the U.S. government is prepared to auction off the possessions found in Kaczynski's cabin, and has established May 18, 2011 as the date when the auction will begin. Prior to the auction, the government provided a "sneak peak" at some of the auction lots on its Flickr page. Some of these images afford glances at pages from Kaczynski's writings that have not as yet been publicly seen. Among them is one which I believe vindicates my theory that Kaczynski leaned heavily on the elements of Wagnerian opera in making literary allusions to himself and his motivations.

On page 111 of The Unabomber and the Zodiac, speculating that Kaczynski had used Wagnerian symbolism in his Unabomber correspondences, I wrote:

Moreover, this theme of sexual renunciation, so manifest in Parsifal, has its parallel in The Ring. In Das Rheingold, the dwarf Alberich is obliged to forswear love in order to take possession of the golden treasure and master the magic by which he may forge it into the Ring. Mocked and humiliated by the Rhine Maidens, whom he tries in vain to woo, the ugly Alberich immediately makes the deal, renouncing love in favor of the power that the Ring will confer. For Alberich, the bargain is an easy one to make, not only because he is both inwardly and outwardly unlovely, but because his amorous advances have been thoroughly scorned by the beautiful objects of his desire. Like Klingsor, his supposed virtue is nothing more than a necessity.

This parallels the words of Kaczynski on page 102 of his biography, now on display for the first time at the Flickr site:

To take just one example, from Wagner's opera Das Rheingold, Scene One: 'He who should shape, from the Rheingold, a ring that would give him measureless power, would win for his own the world-inheritance (or, would inherit the world for his own?) ... [But] only he who forswears the power of (sexual) love, only he who drives out the joy of (sexual) love, only he attains the magic to overcome the gold so as to make it into a ring.'

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Not only does this passage vindicate my belief that Kaczynski was strongly influenced by the text of Wagner's operas, but it serves to strongly buttress my theories that (1) Kaczynski used Wagnerian symbolism to offer teasing clues to the authorities as to his personal motivations; and (2) shows that such clues contained a strong theme of sexual frustration. If we take these as granted (as we certainly may) it requires no stretch of the imagination, as outlined in The Unabomber and the Zodiac, to favorably contrast Kaczynski's Wagnerian themes with those of Zodiac in his use of The Mikado and The Exorcist, with their own strong themes of sexual renunication.

And of course, it goes without saying (although many still need it stated) that both The Ring and The Mikado are forms of OPERA.

Added July 18, 2008

Is it possible for a close-up killer like the Zodiac to have metamorphosed into a long-distance killer like Kaczynski? Chapter 12 of Douglas Oswell's The Unabomber and the Zodiac demonstrates that not only was such a transformation possible, but in Kaczynski's case was perhaps inevitable, and certainly not surprising.

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Added July 5, 2008

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Kaczynski Letter to the Editor of the Brainerd (MN) Daily Dispatch, June 12, 1970. The letter would have been composed at some point around June 5, when, according to the letter, Kaczynski was "passing through" Brainerd, approximately 525 miles from his then-current domicile in Lombard, Illinois. The letter and its placement of Kaczynski in Brainerd corroborate the information presented by Dr. Sally Johnson in her court-ordered psychiatric evaluation of Kaczynski, that he spent the summer of 1970 "look[ing] for wilderness land in Alaska." These sources place hiim at a considerable distance from his home and moving toward the western United States three weeks prior to the mailing of Zodiac's June 26, 1970 Mt. Diablo Letter.



Added June 15, 2008


Recently the Chicago Tribune published an image of an anonymous letter purportedly sent by the Unabomber to a Salt Lake City attorney in 1988, shortly after the bombing at CAAMS computer store that permanently injured victim Gary Wright. The text of this letter, with redactions, is as follows:

[Address redacted]

[Salutation redacted]

By pure chance I was sitting in a Salt Lake bar next to a very distraught gentleman who claimed that you with your legal crap have been giving him a super bad time, of which, mostly unnessesary harrassment. You are quite a scoundrel! I would assume that you delight in giving many people similar treatment.

I have met many super [redacted] like you and I have my way of taking care of them. I have taken it upon myself to help this fine gentleman.

I would seriously advise you to get your act together and quit screwing up peoples lives unnessesarily. If not, I will be delighted to give you the BOMB treatment when I come back to Salt Lake summer of 1988, and rid the world of a super [redacted].

When I contact my new friend summer of 1988 and he tells me you have kept your nose clean you will have nothing to fear. In other words, your fate is in your own hands!

If you doubt my urgent message, just check with my latest victim at CAAMS Inc. he is also a super [redacted].

This missive would appear to comprise yet another of Kaczynski's "red herring" missives, designed solely for the purpose of misleading authorities as to his whereabouts and his educational level. Given Kaczynski's known predilections, there is little chance that the meeting between him and the "fine gentleman" actually occurred.

The general tone and grammatical usage within this letter are exceedingly similar to a pair of suspicious correspondences received by newspapers following the 1966 Cheri Bates murder and the 1969 Paul Stine murder, respectively:


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Hautz Letter, Riverside Press-Enterprise, 1966


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"Aroused" Letter, Modesto Bee, 1969



Added May 31, 2008; updated June 15, 2008

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Comparison of an undated, handprinted Kaczynski letter with the purported Zodiac "Citizen" Letter of 1974. Note the extremely similar (in most cases identical) character formations, margin alignment, linespacing, letterspacing, jumping baseline and character heights. Note, too, the similarity in phrasing between the Citizen Letter and Kaczynski's New York Times missive of 1995: "... this kind of murder-glorification can only be deplorable at best ...." in the former and "We strongly deplore the kind of indiscriminate slaughter that occurred in Oklahoma City event" in the latter.

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Comparison of the first 1969 composite sketch with a photo of Kaczynski, ca. 1978.



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