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The definitive site for everything Zodiac, including crime scene analysis, official documentation, victim profiles, photographs, and an incomparable collection of original Zodiac letters, many of them in high-resolution, downloadable format. There is also a moderated message board, where top-ranking Zodiologists offer their informative insights and discussions of the case. Webmaster Tom Voigt claims that his site receives nearly three million hits per month. Not recommended for the uninformed or easily-offended.

Long-time Zodiologist and author Michael Butterfield weighs in with his latest contribution to the case. Butterfield has been amassing data for his hopefully soon-to-be-published book, which promises to be the best-researched, most competently analyzed general accounting of the Zodiac crimes to date. The website contains an overview of the crimes, analysis of the major suspects, a Myths & Legends section, and administers a well-deserved thrashing to one of the most prolific obfuscators in the entire Zodiac affair.

This is the Zodiac Speaking

Don't be deceived by the relatively Spartan-looking appearance of this site. Zodiologist Jake Wark presents one of the best general overviews of the Zodiac events, along with some intriguing interviews and thought-provoking analysis. It's a must-visit site for aspiring and experienced Zodiologists on the Web.

During Kaczynski's Unabomber trial, the Sacramento Bee provided extensive coverage of the Unabomber's history, trial events and court documents pertaining to the case. Most, if not all, of the material appeared on this website, which is, unfortunately, no longer maintained by the Bee. Click on the link above for a PDF containing most of the documents and articles.

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Zodiac Unmasked

by Robert Graysmith

Zodiac Unmasked is the latest revision of the popular true-crime classic Zodiac, which for many years has retained its status as the only comprehensive analysis of the Zodiac crimes available to the general public in trade book format. Although the book has been widely condemned for its exaggerations, outright fabrications, and an overt attempt by Graysmith to tie the murders to his favorite suspect, the book continues to sell nonetheless, and currently holds a relatively high ranking at — probably due to the interest generated by the upcoming David Fincher movie.

"This is the Zodiac Speaking": Into the Mind of a Serial Killer

by Michael Kelleher and David Van Nuys

First published in 2001 by Praeger Trade, this is the first Zodiac-related book to attempt an objective analysis of the Zodiac Killer's psychology and motivations. Working in tandem, criminologist Michael Keller and psychiatrist David Van Nuys dissect the Zodiac correspondences to develop a psychological and forensic profile of the killer. The book is objective, well-researched  and well-regarded among the community of Zodiologists. While one may disagree with some of the assessments, the work as a whole is worthy and should be read by anyone interested in the psychological makeup of a very unusual and enigmatic killer.

Unabomber: The Secret Life of Ted Kaczynski

by Chris Waits and Dave Shors

For nearly a quarter of a century, Montana native Chris Waits shared his mountain property with Theodore Kaczynski. Unabomber: The Secret Life of Ted Kaczynski highlights Waits's experiences with Kaczynski, the commotion surrounding Kaczynski's capture, and Waits's dealings with the FBI as they combed his property in search of Kaczynski's "secret shacks." Waits's cooperation with the FBI earned him a private look at many of the documents and items associated with Kaczynski, including journal entries and photographic exhibits that were unavailable to the public until this book came out. It is professionally written and holds the reader's interest from beginning to end.

A Mind for Murder: The Education of the Unabomber and
the Origins of Modern Terrorism

by Alston Chase

In A Mind for Murder, Alston Chase attempts to form a connection between Kaczynski's pathologies and his participation in the infamous and unscrupulous mind experiments carried out by Henry A. Murray at Harvard University. In the process, Chase discloses a plethora of interesting and little-known facts about Kaczynski, including his upbringing, education, family relations and his wilderness years in Montana. Originally published as Harvard and the Unabomber, this edition expands upon the themes presented in the earlier work by linking positivistic, "value-free" educational standards with the rise of the social pathologies that have plagued contemporary western society since the 1950s.


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Message Board

I've added a message board to the site as a convenient means of allowing discussion of all kinds related to the Unabomber/Zodiac connection, as well as facilitating discourse pertaining to either case by itself. If you'd like to participate you may request a posting account by clicking on the "Register" link at the top of the main page. Please refrain from vulgarity, libelous statements and ad hominem remarks directed to other posters.

A New Zodiac Missive? Kaczynski and the Eureka Card.

A look at the latest suspected Zodiac correspondence and its juxtaposition with a Kaczynski letter from the same time.

Ted Kaczynski and the Tylenol Murders.

Could Ted Kaczynski have committed the infamous Tylenol Murders of 1982?