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SFPD's handwriting analyst cannot conclusively match Kaczynski's handwriting to the known Zodiac exemplars.

Given the number of handprinted correspondences associated with the Zodiac, it is not surprising that the authorities have relied heavily on forensic handwriting analysis in their investigations of various suspects in the case. Working for the SFPD, a handwriting analyst determined that Kaczynski's writing could neither be ruled in nor ruled out, based upon the relatively paucity of samples ascribed to Zodiac. There was, however, according to SFPD "no significant evidence to indicate that Kaczynski wrote any of the Zodiac letters."

Did the Zodiac disguise his writing? It defies logic to assume that an organized killer would risk his life by composing letters in his own hand that were intended for widespread dissemination by the media. In his missives, the Zodiac employed three distinctive modes of printing: the "manic," the "Belli," and the "composite".

The first of these styles shows circled i-dots, exaggerated slope, no connecting lines, and no retracing of lines, which are classic indicators of disguise.

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Further, extant copies of the Stine Letter show numerous prominent areas where its writer has lifted his pen to draw the simplest characters using multiple pen-strokes — yet another indicator of disguise.

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In contrast to the manic style, Zodiac's "Belli" style displays a neat, careful and almost "geometric" construction, which is also typical of disguise.

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This style was later merged with the "manic" to produce the third, or "composite style," best typified by Zodiac's Dragon Card of April 20, 1970. This missive transitions from the Belli to the manic without retaining all of the latter's peculiarities.

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Kaczynski's handprinted characters retain the same "copybook" plainness as those associated with the Zodiac, as seen here:

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The primary difference between the handprinting styles of Kaczynski and the Zodiac lies in the fluidity of Kaczynski's composition, which causes connectedness between the characters. Apart from this, the forms are all essentially the same. Moreover, the general "color" of their writings is identical, as demonstrated practically by blurring specimens of each killer's writing so that only the qualities of margin alignment, letterspacing, wordspacing and base alignment can be seen.

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To what extent would Kaczynski have been obliged to alter his writing to produce the hand of Zodiac? The obvious answer is that it would not have been difficult at all. Because both killers formed their characters identically, the only adjustments necessary would have been a rightward slant, slower speed, multiple pen lifts and (in the Belli style) exaggerated neatness. A direct comparison of Zodiac's 1970 Dragon Card with a prison letter written by Kaczynski gives a good subjective picture of the extreme similarities between the two productions, even allowing for disguise on the part of Zodiac:

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