The Crosshair Circle and the Yggdrasil

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Following the Unabomber incident of June 22, 1993, when a package bomb injured geneticist Charles Epstein of the University of California, San Francisco, agents of the FBI interviewed Professor James Hill, the individual whose name appeared on the parcel's return address. Hill, a chemistry professor at California State in Sacramento, came forth with a surprising piece of information .... Sometime in the spring of 1993, months before the bombing, he had observed what were ostensibly several instances of strange graffiti on the outside walls of the building in which he worked.

These were reported as peace symbols, spray-painted on the walls with the word ANARCHY outside the circles and the letters FC within. FC of course, was the supposed organization to which the Unabomber (Kaczynski) claimed association. We contacted Professor Hill who corroborated the story we had initially read, and added this tidbit for our edification: the peace symbols had actually been painted upside-down. That, in association with the word ANARCHY and the letters FC almost conclusively served to associate the graffiti with the Unabomber, and suggested that on several occasions he had personally painted the symbols on the wall at the Sacramento campus of California State. (Oswell and Rusconi, 1998).

The abstract symbol painted by Kaczynski was almost certainly the Norse rune called "Yggdrasil," a symbol frequently employed by anarchists and other extremist groups. Consisting of crossed lines within a circle, its similarity to the Zodiac trademark symbol is readily and obviously manifest. Further, the painting of this symbol as a graffiti in association with a crime mirrors Zodiac's use of the crosshair circle as a graffiti in the Lake Berreysa murder of Cecilia Shepard.

The graphic depicts the Zodiac symbol superimposed upon the Yggdrasil device employed by Kaczynski.